Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update To Post Below

I fucking win.
Dirty sonsabitches.
I finally got out a damn magnifying glass so I could read the little bug fucker print on the label of the USB modem to get the fucking part number so I could install the correct driver for it.
I knew VISTA was fucking me because as soon as I got done with everything a message popped up telling me that this modem was not kosher with the version of Windows I am using.
Fucking bastards, like I said, if you can read this, I fucking won this battle finally.


  1. Get a MAC.

    End of story.

  2. Hey, I'm using Ubuntu. Figured if I had to dick around with an operating system at least it'd be a free one. Really really really hate MS. Not a fan of the Apple empire either.

    To be honest, I've got to struggle with my wife's MS system all the damn time because Netflix streaming won't work with Linux. I know more about this crap than I want to know.

  3. Windows 7! don't waste your unemployment $$$ on an Apple not worth it....