Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't Fret My Pet, I Ain't Done Yet

It seems I have lost my Mo Jo some where.
Nasty Girl was here for several days, which means I was pre occupied any way but I just can't seem to get excited about anything enough to write about.
There is the usual silly shit going on in politics but I have been burned out on that shit for a long time.
They are all crooked sonsabitches and I see several that are down right fucking crazy.
I ordered a couple of books from the library I am waiting on, other than that, I am just waiting for my unenjoyment check and piddle farting around the Weasel Den here and there.
The girl friend couldn't stand my slovenly ways anymore and cleaned the joint up for me, I still have shit to either get rid of or find a different place to put.

It rained like a sonofabitch over the weekend and it sprung a couple of leaks in the roof.
Hopefully, I got those fixed yesterday, we shall see when it rains again.
The whole fucking roof needs to be resealed.

That isn't happening any time soon.


  1. Lazy skinny bastard, git yer ass on the top and seal that tin roof ya got. Ya sure don't want to be doing that in December you lazy fuck! /s

  2. Nasty Girl7:12 PM

    You tell him dude! Love ya baby. Smooch.

  3. Welcome to the club Busted. It might rain here before the weekend. At least I got my water line fixed before the rainy season.

  4. dood -- fix that forking roof like nahant and ng said

    don't make me drive over there

  5. Good to see ya back in the saddle hoss.

    For your ranting consideration there's the gay teen suicides/DOMA/DADT trilogy to consider. The hope is the public outrage over it all is growing rapidly.

    Secondly, the banking mortgage foreclosure disaster is unfolding faster than a white flag in a hurricane.

    It could easily lead FAST, to a complete economic train wreck that makes the depression look like Roaring 20's.

    It may also provide the collapse that FORCES banks and traders alike to 'mark to market' and clean the books of the rubbish they've built to loot we the people.

    And, it may well speed the inevitable crash of the Empire Dream Of Global Exceptionalism that's killed we the people and the middle class.

    In which case we can get onto rebuilding this shit in OUR image and not the image of the corporate fascists who own and operate our elected offals and every facet of our lives.

    Hey, I'm just tossin mud at yer walls hoss, what sticks is your doins.