Tuesday, April 03, 2012

There is Beer Running Out Of My Nose. Thank You, Local Republicans

I am serious when I say I am laughing my ass off.

The local republican delegate convention went into a self feeding frenzy.
Not only could they not come to agreement on who to designate as delegates, they couldn't come to agreement on who to designate as alternates, as in ZERO.

From the Local Rag;
What began with a sense of unity to defeat President Barack Obama dissolved, over 12 hours, into infighting Saturday at the Clark County GOP convention.

Delegates elected at party caucuses in March were unable to finish the assigned task of electing 94 delegates and 94 alternates to the state convention in Tacoma.

Instead, even after the convention was extended by two hours, they ended up with 75 delegates and no alternates.

The blame was placed on Ron Paul supporters.

“You have to applaud their organization,” said Mike Gaston, executive director of the Clark County GOP.

The 49th and 15th Legislative Districts agreed on their allotted delegates (28 and 2 of them, respectively) while the 18th Legislative District will have 30 delegates instead of 32 and the 17th Legislative District will have 15 instead of 32.

This is payday for Ron Paul, he showed up in this little suburb of Portland TWICE and Mittster fucked off Portland.
A composite of over thirty different outlying small cities wrapped into one, of over a million potential idiots.

Smooth move Mormon Dude.

Smart move Ron Paul political adviser, whatever your fucking name is.

Mittster fucked off the West Coast because he damn well knows he is going to find a thumb to the nose out here but even the local Republican base imploding is just Viagra Laced Vanilla Cinnamon icing on a German Chocolate cake with a two drink minimum.

Go ahead and write off the ENTIRE WEST COAST.

Anyone else notice how close Filthy Rich Mormon is to Filthy Rich Moron?


  1. . . .and they take themselves so seriously, even when do the stupidest things.

  2. Only one letter separates Mormon from moron: reminds me of Chesterfield 101s: just a silly millimeter longer.

  3. I'm sure Mittens will be all over California like a crack whore at closing time. Sure is fun to watch the circular firing squad.

  4. Being RIGHT does not always connote being CORRECT, regardless of deeply held beliefs. Like most shit they do, they're not just WRONG, they're fully 180° off in their thinking.

    R'money's the party's standard bearer! Good luck with that. My advice to the POG? Wear a fucking helmet!