Friday, November 19, 2010

More TSA Insanity.

Remind me again how these stupid fucking morons are supposedly keeping us all safe from each other.

This is so far beyond ridiculous it should be criminal.

Yes, I know it is a Winger site.
It should startle someone when they figure out where the traffic is coming from and that is enough for a chuckle out of me.

I told ya I'm ornery.

That isn't the point.

The point is, these retarded fucking idiots at the TSA are so programmed that the obvious goes right in front of their faces and they don't blink an eye.
How fucking stupid does one have to be to get one of these jobs?
Is there like, twenty short yellow buses out back for these fucking cretins?

Do they have Velcro shoe laces?

Do they push on the glass door every day that has a big sign that says PULL?
The absolute stupidity of this flat out boggles my mind.

Stew-Pid- IT -EE.
Ya know the dumb sonsabitches can't spell.
It's amazing they remember to breathe.

These complete dolts are our first defense against terrorists entering the country?

Now I am very afraid.

H/T Fark


  1. Un fucking believable. But sadly, believable... I hear tell that Hell is working on a new TSA wing, due to an expected large influx of new arrivals. Of course, when they reach Hell, they'll have to go through security first...

  2. This post was hilarious--your take on TSA employees. Tell me, when was the last time anyone took over a plane or anything with nail clippers? I would be more afraid of being clunked over the head with a pistol or having a rifle hit me in the kidney or stomach. Honestly, I am a wimp and have never, EVER been afraid of nail clippers.

  3. I would gladly give up my nail clippers if they would let me carry my .45 on.

    The TSA jerks are only following orders from the gestapo fuckwads creating such stupid policies. I'm embarassed that this kind of bullshit is some peoples first introduction to USA.

  4. I asked a friend recently what qualifications you needed to be a TSA inspector.

    "A pulse."


  5. I am not more afraid. But then, the establishment of the TSA didn't make me LESS afraid. It has all been bullshit all along. I've been ranting on this nonsense for a week now. Apparently, nail clippers are more dangerous than using the butt of a rifle on someone...who the hell knew?

  6. I tell ya, I get no respect. I told my Doctor I wanted a vasectomy. He told me, w/ a face like mine, I didn't need one.

    I went to my Proctologist for a checkup. He sent me to the airport!

    There's no hope, Knuckles. Havoc and chaos is all that's left.

  7. LMAO!

    Good to see ya Grumpy!

  8. The stupid continues to grow...back in August, they apparently made some poor flight attendant go thru the scanner and STILL did the pat down, culminating in commanding her to remove her breast prosthesis so they could make sure it was a fake boob and not a bomb.