Saturday, November 27, 2010


I have been over here at my GF's for a week today. I came up last week when this fucking weather hit and can't get out of here. All I have here is a two wheel drive truck with no studs.

It snowed, then the freezing rain hit and it is snowing again.

I can get to the little convenience mart about six blocks away just fine, it's that Damn Columbia River Gorge that I can't get through She lives at one end and I live at the other.

Once that bitch freezes, it's studs or cable chains. They end up closing the highways on both sides of the river when it gets bad. It can take days after a cold spell to flush all the cold air out of it. 75 miles long.

I't's "supposed" to be clear tomorrow. We shall see. I have been having to call my buddy Steve to keep an eye on my place. None of my fucking neighbors have a damn phone..  It looks like I am going to have to put tags on The Beast because it at least has four wheel drive.

A set of chains for that fucker are around a hundred bucks but it is fairly dependable. I keep forgetting the speedometer doesn't work though.

If all else fails and I can get the seven miles across the bridge to town, I can use her tire store account and have them throw a couple of studded tires on the back of my little hoopty. I hate to do that.
Fuck me, I hate Winter and it's not even Winter yet!

Anyways have some of this that was going through my evil little mind this cold assed morning.

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