Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Of Course It Was Ours

I get woke up by the phone again and after I get off, I start checking the headlines.
I run into the one about some mystery missile that launched out of the fucking ocean off of LA and start reading the article and just start laughing.

'We don't know who's it is" kind of crap.
Oh, the Navy said it wasn't one of theirs, the Air force denies any knowledge, blah blah mother fucking Blah.

Jesus christ. Any idiot can figure out it was our bird fired from our sub.

Ya think maybe some Mexican fishing trawler lit off a fucking inter continental ballistic missile?

Ya know why I know it was ours right off the get go?
Because if it wasn't, I would have awakened to absolute fucking pandemonium.

The government would be shitting rings around it's self and there would be one giant military cluster fuck going on right now.

That's our news media though.

Ho hum, I think I'll go back to sleep now.


  1. i wonder how much it costs to fire a blank into the stratosphere?

  2. The whole story did sound a little crazy to me! If it weren't ours, you can bet it probably wouldn't even have been mentioned in the news...except that it was taped by a news agency!

    They just got caught, I'm thinking!

  3. Maybe it was the Chinese sending a wake up call....

  4. If that was the case it is going to make the Hunt For The Red October look like a stroll in the park.

  5. Maybe the gov thought we had our attention elsewhere. Or maybe they sent it up to distract us from something else. It had to be ours though. Can't conceive of another nation setting it off AWAY from our shore.

  6. Errr... it's an airplane contrail... heaven forbid it would be something so obvious and make everyone look like a dolt. Oh well... you know, Occam's Razor and all that silly stuff.

  7. I don't know what you saw but I most definitely saw rocket motor exhaust with the bright orange glow of the engine in the middle as it arced away.

  8. Good call Busted . . . not a plane/jet.

    Here's a link to a good review of it all, and I like the COMMENTS also . . . they explain why it's NOT Russia/China, not a plane/jet, etc.


    LIKELY was an ICBM launch from one of our subs to show China/Russia we CAN launch from the Pacific (or, maybe to show India how OUR toys work as we just sold THEM one fo the biggest arms packages in history ). . . apparently we've demonstrated this in Atlantic, but never done so in Pacific.

    Makes sense to me . . . either that or it was a complete malfunction which would make USA a laughingstock . . . course, ultimate tinfoilery is it was a rogue sub crew going all revolt against Obama/Pentagon . . . .

    Guess which one I'm buying into . . .


  9. I think it was an airplane contrail...when one comes in from high altitude, it leaves that kind of signature. I see them all the time here from jets---I have both military and commercial jets overflying our place.

  10. You know I came to this blog because of OBs comments about Bush being a war criminal and I liked his irreverent attitude, but apparently all you guys/gals/gerbils are either complete retards (boo-hoo Palin) or have nothing better to do but gossip about conspirasies. I'm too hung over right now and tired to really go off on you people, but you do realize that missiles travel at like 10 billion mph, give or take a billion, and planes at like 600 mph, give or take. So, either this is the most worthless POS missile.... or IT'S AN F'ING AIR-O-PLANE. I really hope I'm wrong... but I'm not.
    My favorite comment was from some d-bag about "showing our military might", or something to that effect... are you f'ing kidding me!... when did we become Iran or North Korea?... hahaha... we probably have stealth missiles that can circle the globe and hit your mama's tulip garden without waking the neighbors. Ohh-Mmm-Gee. Ugghhh... screw this, I'm going to go start my own blog/web-site... you guys have fun stroking it here.

  11. Dayum, don't go away mad dude!
    Fer christ sakes, start a blog, it's free.

    Thanks fer stopping by though.

  12. That was me after All-U-Can-Eat Burrito Nite.

  13. Anonymous5:11 PM

    "...e probably have stealth missiles that can circle the globe and hit your mama's tulip garden without waking the neighbors."

    U're right on, pal. The key word here is "probably".
    Secondly USA is the one who primarily does show-off.

    And exactly for what reason Feds will lie to cover the "shot"??? Are they bound by any law "to not shoot missiles"? Fuck no. And finally, if this is going to be a jet inversion - pilot or owner will call or blog to calm everyone down. Pal.