Friday, November 19, 2010

Get Yer Women Right Now.

I deleted a post awhile back about Dick Sticking Music because I didn't want to embarass anyone.

Fuck that, get yer honey naked and play this really loud.

Now go have a drink and a smoke. play with her nasty bits while you are relaxing and then have some of this shit,

It works, trust me.


  1. Your taste in music is impeccable.
    I can listen to these dudes all day and most of the night..It's all about the blues brother... Now get some Muddy and get dirty.... ;)

  2. Thanks for the wake up this morning!

    Gets my blood pumping, ya know?

  3. Brings back fond memories of sitting in my '48 Chev coupe at night listening to good ole KDIA
    from Oakland in the mid-50's.