Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who The Hell ARE You People?

I was just laying here on my ass. waiting for the GF to get finished primping so we can go get some breakfast when I noticed my Stat Counter is over a hundred and ninety seven fucking thousand hits.

That absolutely blows my fucking mind.


Who are you? Why do you waste your precious time in life stropping by this piss poor excuse for a Blog?

Don't be shy, if you are one of those folks who drops by occasionally but never leaves a fucking comment, why?

I want to hear from you, leave some goddamn feedback, even if I don't say howdy right back, I will damn sure read what you have to say.

Don't like the cussing?
LOL, get used to it. Something else on your mind?
Speak the fuck up.

If there are a hundred and ninety thousand some people that have stopped by here in the last five years and you are one of 'em, Thanks.  It baffles me why, but Thanks.

Now I have some scrambled eggs calling my name.


  1. I gotta say I drop by because of the colorful language, sometimes you just have to say fuck, no but really I like the fact that you will call a spade a spade and don't have any PC bone about it. While I do not agree with you an many things I like that you put things out there to stir the pot and get people off there ass and learn by digging. OK hearing about nastygirl is nice too......Have a great week..

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I stop by for the music, the unrestrained outrage and the joy of knowing there is someone out there more pissed off by life than me.

  3. Honestly, I don't know why I drop in, but I do...

    You can check your stats and see who has been visiting and where they came from, just click on the design button at the top left of your blog, then click on stats. For even more detailed stats, you can use what I use, it's called http://statcounter.com/, it's free and you can track as many blogs as you wish.


  4. I came for the cuss words but stayed for the charming decor.

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (verification word: "tatormsg". Is my tator trying to tell me something, or does it want a massage?)

  5. Larry the Red11:28 AM

    I check this out every (work)day because, as Scott R said,"you will call a spade a spade and don't have any PC bone about it." Much to my wife's chagrin, I cuss as much as you do. Plus, it's not all politics, all the time, like many of the other blogs I like.

  6. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I'm one of those lurkers who rarely posts, but always come by because I like the way your mind is wired. If something really irritates you, you just come out and say it out loud. Something 'descriptive language' :^) is a bit much, but its funny as hell to read. I don't always agree with your position, but I definitely respect the opinion - always food for thought, which is what the internet is for - LEARNING.

    Your cat's antics also make come here - I have two live-in cats myself (full-time) and they pull some pretty funny crap too - I can definitely relate.

    You have a good one.

  7. Anonymous12:23 PM

    I have been around for about 2 1/2 years or so. That is 1030 trips here. I agree with you to much I guess that is why I keep coming back

  8. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I am just glad to know I am not the only ornery fuck out there.

  9. Anonymous1:14 PM

    I plan on using you as my role model when I grow up.

  10. Anonymous1:26 PM

    i started nosing around mr. jp's blogroll, ended up here, and have been coming back daily ever since. i am sure if i got to meet you in person i would like you.

    mrs. jp

  11. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Well, I stop by daily, you know me.

  12. Well, I have commented a couple of times already but I'll delurk again. I stumbled here by way of Hermit Jim and you remeind me of some of the guys I work with, so I come back. Plus, I love it when you tear Limbaugh a new one. If anybody in this world needs the shit bashed out of them, it's him.

  13. joann4:44 PM

    i stop by cuz your blogs make me laugh, and to check and see how your doing....still the same ole phil...Joann, but you probably remember me as "little bit" from the fireside, although im not so little anymore lol....HI PHIL :)

  14. Just a hillbilly that likes the way you roll,also hoping Nasty Girl has a sister LOL

  15. Anonymous6:21 PM

    I like the cat stories. And you are funny. I come via Mayberry's blogroll.

  16. I am Yeoldfurt's ol' lady and I stop by whenever I notice you have a new post up. I'm not fond of the cussing, particularly the 'f' word but I get that I'm a minority in my linguistic preferences by today's standards. I can live with that. I read AROUND the cussing and enjoy your posts. You remind me of a cross between (DON'T be OFFENDED) my dad who all my friends referred to as 'Scary Larry' and Archie Bunker. When you're particularly annoyed at something, I can just picture you sitting in YOUR chair, cocking your head and wincing as you say, 'GEEEEEZ, Edith!' LOL

    Hope you're not offended. I mean all of the above in the nicest possible way!


  17. Holy fucking shit.

    Little Bit?!! How in the hell did you find this?!!

  18. Dakotas5, I have known her for twenty seven years. I was trying to get in her sisters pants when I met her. she got in my brothers britches and I never did get her little sister. You had better be deaf if ya want to get next to that, she rattled on twenty seven years ago and ain't got any better since.

    Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.

    Little thing but loud and relentless.

    I got the better end of that deal eventually.

    I have her number if you are still interested.

  19. Woman Who Runs With Horses,
    I know who ya are and thanks for stopping by. I would have to say that Ye Old Furt is a pretty lucky guy and I swing by there every day. . Honey,smooch and a hug, you are quite the lady.Seriously, I got lucky to get someone that loves me finally so I know you are just a doll.

  20. You don't bite your tongue, I hate all the politically correct,you call it as you see it.
    Stay well brother..

  21. Can't speak for the other miscreants or you, hoss.

    But ya DO get my attention.

    Congrats, and swallow them eggs.


  22. Dude it ain't over a Hundred thousand different people,it just me stopping by over a hundred thousand times! Ha Ha I come by cause I like your take on the queens english.


  23. I just love all the fuckin' cussin' an' swearin'....and your attitude. Love your attitude! You kinda remind me of me when I was younger....pissed off at just about everything. But then again, I still am.

    Sorry I've been missin' for so long pal. Tryin' to catch up with everything at all my favorite blogs I've missed.

  24. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Came here by way of B@B. I'm trapped in a large town/small city in NC,have a houseful of gamers,and I work in retail. Needless to say, I'm desparate for thoughtful, intelligent, and/or passionate discourse before my brain has a meltdown.
    Here's one that's been bugging me- If the solution to all our problems is give all the perks to corporations, then where are the jobs they've created after once again having record profits?

  25. I come by once in a while to see if you've crawled out of your repressed shell yet. Heh.

  26. greatestwirefan9:51 AM

    The ambiance, of course.

  27. I think I'm waiting for you to say something relevant to the world..Kidding... I drop by to show my support for your lazy ass..

  28. I drop by because you keep posting.
    Fuckin' this, fuckin' that, and fuck them till six fucking thirty.
    And I like your realistic no nonsense approach.

  29. It's all about the cheap tools.
    193 Million hits on teh Google.

    And you're about the cheapest tool on the world wide innertubes. [g]

    Q: Why does Harbor Freight come up #1? They got some great stuff.0gag

  30. because it is an interesting blog. or not. whatever it is I stop by a good bit.

  31. Weeeell, I am a blog whore! I go to Keep it simple Survival and then I go through almost all the blogs linked there. I especially like yours though. I think it's due to the no nonsence approach you have to layin it out on the table. I do agree with most of your opinions. Wish you were my neighbor so I can visit in person every day. But, since you are not a neighbor, the blog will have to do. Thanks for writing, I'll keep reading. Hugs, CJ

  32. Anonymous5:17 PM

    cause your not a sheeple dumbass and your my bro


  33. joann7:56 PM

    cuz everytime i opened the web i would hear this cussing and going on, i thought it was all in my head till your buddy, and my brother, steve showed me your blog....lol kidding...but steve did show me it about 6 months ago and i have been here everyday since. nice to see you happy and attached...to bad about WCMC though, that place sucked anyways...............lit'l bit

  34. you know who i am and you are on my must read daily list dood.


    i still say we are related through the kentucky side of the family

  35. You're a very good writer and your blog is funny and entertaining. Keep it up, ya bastard.

  36. I stop by because you are where I was 15 years ago. Except I did not get laid off, I got forceably retired at age 48. I was drowning in debt, my pay was cut damn near 60%, at times I was more than ready to eat a bullet. It was always one more bill and one more bill. It took a DAV counselor, who got a claim started against the VA and who, 5 years later, informed me that I got a 70% disability rating-training accident-which was then raised to 100%. Without that, which let me pay off all my debts(I lived on credit cards to pay my bills for the 6 months it took for my retirement to start)I would have eaten a bullet, I have no doubt of that at all.
    So I come by your site to remind myself that things can get better and that laws that protect people over the age of 50-you should do what your father told you to do and sue the bastards that fired you and hired a cheaper(younger) replacement.
    That is the only way you can get back at the bastards.
    Oh and BTW, I do agree with you that the fat cats-oligarchs-have taken over the govt. They want nothing more than to get rid of every law since the FDA was founded. They want everything and they want the other98% of us to bow down to them and to become debtor slaves.
    I have pretty much given up on the future of the US. Thankfully I will be dead when the final bell is rung on a representive republic. I got all 4 of my kids and their families to leave. My son lives and works in Singapore, one daughter in Canada-she and her husband run a fishing camp up near Hudson Bay, another daughter lives in BC, and youngest daughter and her husband live in Korea-my wife is Korean(Chae Do Doe Island, hopefully far enough south to stay out of the possible war that many in Southy Korea think is coming) For myself, I will stay in Texas for a while yet, could go to Korea,or Canada, or back to my family homestead in Norway-I have a ton of relatives there-So I have an out from the coming CRAZY and have managed to get all of my kids out of the coming very bad times. If one were to really dig into the numbers one could find that we have damn near 20% out of work rather than the 9-10% claimed by the govt. The banks and big business got what they wanted, they trimmed all the deadwood make work worker-drones and now their profits are bigger than ever. The jobs that have gone will never be back, be they factory or office drone. They can be done cheaper and in some cases, much better in countries like India. Just how much actual work does an office drone do if he spends much of his day web surfing or on facebook? Employers know this and I am sure that the fact that jobs were being done in 2 hrs or less played into layoffs. So now profits are massive but no one is hiring, perhaps because they discovered that 1 person could do the work of 6 because they were not doing much to begin with.
    Sorry about the rant, I am just an old man who is so god damn pissed at the freekin MSM because they are no longer giving us news but are packaging everything to get people-sheeple-to do whatever they are told. Its working. Because there is no real news program in the US, I watch the BBC and Korean channel KBS along with a Chinese channel to get an outside view of the US and the crazy. I stopped watching Countdown because it has become the liberal answer to hamidy on faux. We are, sadly, becoming more like the 1930s in attitude and crazyness every day. We are uneducated and ignorant sheeple, 30% of kids drop out of HS nation wide every year. And they will work where? We are going to have very large groups of gangs running around that the LEOs will be unable to stop. I feel very sorry for our country and wonder where we went off the tracks. I used to vote republician, before they turned into the rethug party. Then I voted democrat, but they turned into corporate shills just like the rethugs. So now I only vote for people I think are willing to work-fuck both the parties

  37. Hellao Busted it's me!! Get busy you lazy prick I need some good Ole People's English!!