Monday, November 08, 2010

Let There Be Heat!

Jeeze, I have been freezing my ass off all night and all day. It's warm enough under the covers but my hands get cold and stay that way.I only got a couple hours of sleep this morning and the damn phone woke me up.
I was up till one and then went back to sleep.
The phone wakes me up again at four thirty.

I finally decided to get off my dead ass and go get some propane before it got completely dark.
Of course, then ya have to dick around and re light the pilot lights for the hot water heater and the oven.
The furnace has been running for ten minutes and all I can say is that it has kind of knocked the chill off somewhat. It isn't exactly toasty in here by any stretch.
That's what happens to these big sardine cans, once they get cold it is hard to warm them back up even though this was a high end model for it's time and actually has two inches of styrofoam insulation in the walls.

It will warm up eventually.

I'm going to go help it and crank the thermostat and let 'er rip until I can at least feel my hands again.


  1. Nasty Girl7:11 PM

    I wish I was there to warm you up baby. It's going to be a long winter. Smooch.

  2. Dude,
    My wife and I keep our apartment at 60 degrees between the warm season and the next warm season. A lower difference between inside and outside means less cost to heat the place when it's REALLY cold outside. We wear sweaters most of the time, and also knit gloves with the fingertips missing. When we are having company, we bump it up to 65 degrees. My sleeping suit is sweatpants with the elastic removed from the leg ends and an over-sized hoodie. Find an outfit that allows you to live your life and maintain comfort. I hate snow and cold, but the remaining 75 percent of the year in Wisconsin is great, and that's why I have lived here for most of my life!