Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Got Firewood?

This thing is absolutely amazing!

Now for something quite a bit more affordable that is amazing in it's own right.

They have these that you can run off of a three point hitch with your tractor too. There is even one crazy old bastard that rigged one up to run off of your truck axle with the wheel and tire still on it.

There are some clever bastards out there. Where were these things when I was a kid?
Busting rounds with a sledge hammer and wedges if I was lucky. Most of the time I had to use a splitting maul.

My back hurts just thinking about it.

Of course, there is some old school technology still out there but you wouldn't catch me near this damn thing.


  1. Anonymous5:12 AM

    That is some pretty cool machinery alright. What does that drum do near the end of the operation - take off the sharp edges from the billets?

    I'm waaaay down south, so firewood down here means bar-b-ques, for the most part anyway.

  2. Just a guess but I think it's to knock any loose pieces, dirt and loose bark off. Pretty dang fancy set up though.

  3. Yeah, I've got firewood, but I don't have one of those fancy machines. Felt lucky to be able to borrow a hydrolic woodsplitter.

    There's a couple of those machines in operation around here. Commercial firewood guys use them. A heavy equipment company just up the road from me is a dealer.

    I've been keeping the woodstove going non stop. It's cold up here in northern NH.

  4. A friend of mine made a portable mill out of an old VW engine. He could mill lumber right on your property.

  5. Some pretty wicked splitters there for sure!

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  7. The guy running the log splitter looks to be about one knotty piece of wood away from losing a hand.

    And people complain about OHSA...

  8. Necessity is the mother of invention they say. This is some pretty cleaver stuff. I think I bought that spiny thing years ago for an old girlfriend to remind her of me. hehehe

  9. What I wanna know is if they will work on Repigliklanns or would you have to stop and sharpen the blades too often?

  10. The last one looks like an industrial accident waiting to happen.

    Having split a lot of cords of wood with a simple gas-powered hydraulic splitter, the first one was waay cool.

  11. The machine in the first vid is amazing!

    I heated my home exclusively with firewood for 18 years. I felled, limbed, bucked, and split more firewood than I care to remember. Not to mention loading, unloading, stacking and schlepping. Not to mention chimney sweeping and screwing up tires and paint in the woods.

    I was able to borrow a woodsplitter on occasion, but mostly I did it with a splitting maul and wedges.

    I was never so glad in my life as when the gas lines came to my 'hood.

    That third video guy is one knotty round away from being called 'Stumpy' and having to get help to pick his nose!