Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Stand Back, I'm Gonna Blow

Before I get incoherent, because I am, I just want you to know I voted yesterday.
I wasn't going to, one of my brothers, you know him as BustedsBro, called and ragged on me about it.
This could get lengthy.

I had just got back into town after a week and a half at my girl friends place. I had a good time.
He calls, rags on me while am having a cold one after driving for an hour and a half with the sun in my eyes and was relaxing.
He starts in.
"Did you vote?".
Uhmm, not yet, I just got back in town, etc, etc. I will spare you the rest.

I come home to the Weasel den and let the cat out, it bitched at me just like I knew it would and took off. The fucking cat is fine, I had a neighbor take care of it while I was gone.

Back to my point here.
I grabbed the ballot and went back down town, I cruised by City Hall to make sure that was where to drop it off, it was too late to mail it in.
So I order another cold one and am filling the fucker out, both sides, mind you.
I did what I thought was the right thing and then I get to all of these people running unopposed who I had looked into earlier and sad, Oh, Fuck No., so I voted for myself, many, many, times.
You know, that write in thing.

Fuck you, I voted, get over it.

Then I flip the damn thing over and start perusing the initiatives, this is where it gets ugly, hide the women and childrens.

Two of these are about wresting control of the likker stores in this state. Let me stop now, so I can suck down some expensive suds for a second and catch my breath.

The likker stores in this state are run by the state. Period.

We just went through hell making the fucking bastards open up on Sunday. They countered with only some stores.
Fuck, You, I sez. Three bucks a fifth in taxes here compared to across a fucking bridge.

This is the only fucking state I have ever been in that doesn't sell cigarettes or even mixers like Coke.
Nope, gotta go down to the nearest convenience store for that shit.

So the vote was to get the state out of the bizznis and let private people take over. All fer that I says.
Fucking idiots.

But that isn't really what pissed me off, this did.

I had forgotten about it but some cock sucking genius came up with a tax on little kids last year, and it passed.

You read that right, a tax on little kids.
A special tax on Candy and Soda Pop.

Ya see, this state has no income tax, something else that was on the ballot today.
It has a sales tax, which to this day, after twenty fucking years in this state, I haven't figured out. They don't tax some food stuff but others they do, I dunno but it is a fucked up mess. To make it worse, it isn't just a state wide sales tax, it varies from city to city!!
Anyway, back to the little kid tax on candy and pop, just who the FUCK do you think is paying that tax?

I don't know about you but this ain't fucking China, where little kids go to work every day for rice money.
No, that special tax comes right out of Mommy and Daddy's ass pocket. One more sneaky fucking hidden tax some dirty mother fucking son of a two bit whore came up with.

Ya know, Bill Gates lives in this state.
 His net worth is over seven times the operating budget of this entire mother fucking state, but no, you can't tax the rich guy, you gotta take it outta the ass pocket of the working class guy, with a special tax on the kiddies.
Booze, check.

Smokes, double check, they are twice as expensive as they are across the river, I am not kidding and it is all taxes.
Want to get some gas?
 Get yer narrow ass out of the car and pump it your self, at five cents more a gallon than it is across the river, where some nice guy will do it for you while he is out in the pouring rain.

The best part?
They had to go through the political process  and get enough signatures to put on a ballot, to repeal the kiddy tax..
That's right, I got to vote to repeal the kiddy tax .

It makes me want to scream.

People wonder why I quit fucking with politics.

It's completely FUBAR.

Our political system is broken beyond repair when I have to vote on something like that and assholes on Wall Street get Multi Million dollar bonuses that we paid for after they broke themselves playing fuckity fuck gambling on shit they made up that no one to this day can explain what exactly what the fuck it was and where in the fuck all the money went.

I voted today.
Cock suckers.

And I aim to do just that..


  1. Many bloggers bitched just right about politicians as a whole. That's one of the differences between them and us. We call out our own side as well - they don't and boy did our side fuck us real good the last two years.

    Here in Colorado John boy Salad bar will head back to the sheep ranch and start doing them again just like the old days. I voted for no one in that race. His big bro Kenny boy is two years away from helping double team those troublesome sheep. HE HA!

  2. Sounds like you live in the wrong damn place.

    I don't vote for myself because I'm afraid I might get elected. That would suck huge hairy donkey balls.

    Glad to see you plan on enforcing your bitch rights. Looking forward to it.

  3. Hold on to your spleen man! Before you break an artery stop for a sec and look at some other states. Some states (and I know because I've lived there) have an income tax and a city income tax. And guess what? They make you file those quarterly. Every three friggin months you have to play CPA. And they have just as many taxes on sales and gas and liquor and smokes. Plus their property taxes are higher too.
    Think about living in a place like NY city. I think they even have a tax if you fart there.

  4. Glad to see you came around and did your civic duty, even if the jackasses you had to choose between routinely don't.

    The U.S. needs to get with Obama's program and start thinking about the future or China, India and the rest of the up-and-comers are going to be putting together humanitarian aid packages for the U.S. in the future.

    Until voters stop handing power back to the Party of No, I don't see this country going anywhere. Beyond that, you're right that our political system is fundamentally busted.

    I say kick all these old, career assholes out and get some youngbloods in charge of things - we don't have the patience for politicking; we just want to get shit done.

    P.S. That's a sweet Minor League Blogging shield - where can I get one of those?

  5. Taylor, I got it from my pal Dark Black, his very own design.
    I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind if you lifted it.
    Let me know if you can't copy it and I'll figure out a way to get into the blog design and find the code.

  6. >> The U.S. needs to get with Obama's program

    And what is this "program" Obama has? It can't be the platform he ran on 'cause he ditched that the minute he won the election. If we are to go on his actions, then it's more Corporate Fascism, and that's a program I just can't get with.

    Obama had every opportunity to make some serious changes to the direction of this country. Obama's base and supporters would have stuck with him, and supported him through the storm this would have caused, but Obama clearly decided to follow the path that has been well worn before him, squeeze the working class to enrich the already enriched. Obama abandoned his base, not the other way around.

    I may despise the Republicans that did so well in this election, but the Democrats had it coming. When they have the attitude that the left has no choice but to support them as the other choice is worse, I vote not to support them. Next time, if there is a next time, maybe they'll understand they need to at least try to do the job they were elected to do, if they want to keep the job they were elected to.

  7. Nasty Girl5:27 PM

    Nicely said!

  8. Holy fuckamoly, you sure did your share of bitching dude!

    Propositions suck...they are written, at least in my state of Cali, where if you vote no, that really means yes. I hate that kind of doublehanded fuckery. Plus, no one reads up on the fucking props so people vote no when they really mean yes and vice versa.

    When I take the time, between cigarette drags, to explain to a friend/dimwit what he actually voted for...they get pissed.

    And I hate blue a former resident of Boston I am very familiar with those fuckers and Virginia is the same with the liquor stores belonging to the state AND hey have the weirdest fucking hours on the planet.

  9. Smokes in NYC are $11 to $12 a pack; 70% of which is taxes, federal, state, and local.

  10. License To Bitch

    Be it known, Bustedknuckles, is, hereby, bestowed with this official License To Bitch with Extra Special Priviliges. These priviliges are, but not limited to: Cussing with CAPITAL LETTERS, dropping MF bombs on worthy targets, and venting of the spleen.

    This license is effective as of 2 November 2011.


  11. In Alabama we have state liquor stores and private liquor stores. Even gas stations sell alcohol. However, my town just went wet after 64 years of being dry in a dry county. If you want to pay $4 or $5 more for liquor, go to the ABC store (Alabama Beverage Control).

    Unfortunately, I never read up on the propositions beforehand and have to sit and make my head hurt to figure out the convoluted language. It ought to be against the law to write props that ordinary people cannot understand. Even with many degrees and years of reading obtuse articles and statistics, I sometimes wonder if I got it right! I hate trying to figure out where the subjec and verb are located. I voted a straight ticket with one stroke and spent the next half hour reading props!

    I wonder if I weren't an English teacher if I could figure these props out. I really, really, really hate props. Plain, unconvoluted language would work!

    Unfortunately, REP won all the elections in our state!

  12. Honey, not only did I fail English, I can't even speak it.
    Pro noun, adverb, dangling participal motherfucker, I couldn't tell ya.

    Past tense, present tense, third person,
    if the teacher has a nice ass, I am still going to detention.
    Why the fuck two thirds of my grade was whether or not I had a book cover over my english book, that shit is still going on.

    My girl friends kid is dealing with
    the same shit thirty years later.

    I forgot modern english two fucking seconds after I hit the door.

    Make sure you have a more positive impact on the childrens honey.

    I make my point with out it.
    Sentence structure and the nuances of the english language went bye bye a long time ago. Now I use the peoples english, to my advantage.

    Tell me I don't get my point across.

    Thanks fer stopping by and feel free to point out my mistakes .
    The red pen won't do ya any good but I would be more than happy to have some one point out my grammatical errors.


    Take it from some jerk who thought he was smarter than any one trying to teach him something.

    You know the type.

    I have since figured out I ain't that smart.

    Thanks fer stopping by.

  13. I speak fucking American English which is basically 'make it up as you go'.

    The state stays in the liquor business but they got to make some changes. Mixers, ciggies, some pipes and stuff (hey, ganja will be legal soon enough might as well get ready) and deliver liquor to bars, restaurants, and other large customers.

    They have your address already BK, might as well drop off a bottle of Crown.

    Of course, if it takes more than 30 minutes, you get it for free!