Sunday, November 21, 2010

Have Somma Dat

I watched the game, the Raiders lost theire asses but  this was worth it.
 Fucking Priceless.
Here's an AttaBoy Motherfucker!

I have watched this at least twenty times and I am still laughing my ass off.


  1. Just because Roethlisberger is a rapist doesn't mean that Seymour should tarnish the honorable field of battle with such a display!

  2. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Fuck this shit Busted. What r u wasting ur time on?

    Take a look at this entertainment: Ex-AIPAC official threatens to uncover mass spying at Israel lobby"

    Top AIPAC officials visited prostitutes, regularly watched porn at work: claim

    Is US's most influential advocate for Israel about to implode?

    A former foreign policy chief for the largest Israeli lobby in the US is threatening to provide evidence members of the organization regularly trafficked in classified US government information.

    The claim comes in the midst of an increasingly ugly lawsuit in which parties have alleged or admitted to mass viewing of pornography among senior staffers at AIPAC as well as extra-marital affairs.

    Fuck the games! Call Tom Clancy on those screw'ta'fuckos now.

    Josie, the Pissed-Off Ziofil

  3. Anonymous5:25 PM