Friday, November 26, 2010

Hey, Asshole, It's On.

Why one , single , person, listens to that fucking inflammitory dirt bag Rush Limbaugh has always mystified me but this is waaaay over the top.

"If the Christmas shopping season can start before Thanksgiving, so can "bah humbug" season."

Rush Limbaugh tried to rain on Barack Obama's Thanksgiving Day parade, lashing out against a proclamation issued by the president to honor the national holiday and the story behind it.

He also went on the war path against Native Americans, calling for a look at the "scoreboard" of number of people killed since European settlers arrived, and insisting that "a bunch of Native Americans scammed us" in the deal to purchase Manhattan.

You piece of fucking shit.

Even lower than that, you are a fucking maelovent virus.

Suck my ass you fucking cunt lipped rotten dirty little boy fucking asshole.

Seriously, if you like sucking dick, make an appointment.

Let me start out with Small Pox infected blankets that killed hundreds of thousands of Native Americans.

Then go right down through the actual history of how we Americans treated them.

Better yet, how we still treat them.

Fuck you.

Your stupid assed ignorant racist blow hole just opened a Can Of Whoop Ass that is going to come back and bite you right on that cyst scar on your ass that you used to get out of serving in the military.

You have no fucking idea what your Alligator mouth just did to your Humming bird ass.

Fuck you and die in the back of your Limo , better yet, die slowly choking on an illegal hard on pill, that was stuck up your ass first.

Double fuck you on behalf of my ancestors.

It's a good thing you are as bald as I am motherfucker.

I don't have a couple of million fucking morons stopping by here every day but I can bet each and every one  of the folks who do stop by here, every damn of them, has an IQ equal to half your audience by themselves, otherwise I would tell them to hit the fucking bricks.

I actually appreciate the folks that swing by here on occasion and would not hesitate to run over your fucking morons in a parking lot while they scrambled to go buy one of your items at the clearance table at Wally World.

That ignorant shit is so fucking over the top I really can't equate it with all the other racist fucking shit that I have been hearing because this one is a fucking naked statement.

At first they came for the Negroes, then the Irish, then the Chinese,The Polish, the Italians then the Mexicans and now all you have left is the Arabs, Muslims, Turks, (who are our allies) , Iranians, Russians, Palestinians,  A bunch of South Americans, of course , the Cubans, maybe even your mother fucking neighbors.

Fuck, I almost forgot the North Koreans. Busy little war mongering mother fuckers, ain't ya?

Asshole, you are running out of enemies.

But no, Let's go back to Manhatten. You are so fucking ignorant I want to throw up my dinner.

Damn, the French are all pussies, Spaniards talk funny, let's not even mention Portugal.

 Britrain, Ireland, Portugal, France, Germany and all of the Europene states are all getting ready to go belly up because of the theiving sonsabitches here on Wall Street, who are going to haul in record bonuses while the rest of us can suck hind tit, China, Russia, are dumping the dollars they bought to keep our econonomy afloat in their self interest and the last I heard, the unemployment rate is still 20 fucking percenet and Big Biusiness is sitting on 185  TRILLION dollars of cash fucking money they won't get off of to hire one fucking janitor.

I bet ya kinda like those Greeks, I'll just let that alone, bitch.( See the Turks above)

For Rush Limbaugh to go all revisionist on what actually happened in the founding days of this country is so far from what is actually happening in our current world is enough for me to go all College Girl from London on his ass.

That this is some imaginary horse shit revisionist out right lie, about what happened here when the Ignorant savage was fucked out of his entire economic and  geographic area by some fucking shysters that came around and couldn't even feed themselves and I am supposed to call Glenn Beck to order some fucking Gold pieces because, hey, it's all related?

The Native Indians were here thousands of years before you Snake Oil cocksuckers showed up and started killing them for sport.

Happy Thanksgiving, you putrid water bearing slug trail of a dying fucking revisionist, genocidal , race war and an economical war mongering bunch of priveledged intellecticall midgets.

Like I saw recently, another forty years and you are going to be saying hello to all the fucking species that your omniscient fucking ancestors roasted over an open fire. Shot, killed, drowned, passed numerous laws against, separated mother, fathers and their children from while letting the exploiting fucking buddies of yours who employed them to get off Scott Free.  Kill the Brown people!. I can only hope we have chili powder this time.

Think you are going to just run off and hide, so did the Dodo.

The Indians could be vacationing in Morrocco with some fat little bald headed bastard serving them drinks.

Fuck you Limbaugh.


  1. Busted
    I hate this guy as much as you do. I really want him off the airwaves and maybe in jail with a lot of the type of people he rants about. He's driving people to violence. Not one Republican has stood up and decried him in Congress. If they do the next day they're licking his balls in an apology on air. Same goes for Glenn Beck as far as inciting his lemmings.
    Then we have that cunt Palin. Why can;t she go hunting with Dick Cheney. We're on the edge now, wait till April... That's when what's left of the economy collapses. All because racist bastards don't want a darkie in the White House. That's when the national debt ceiling is supposed to be raised. It won't and we'll default. Then watch what happens.

  2. Word.

    Is there NOTHING these guys won't turn into some kind of anti-liberal screed?

  3. sth_txs7:02 AM

    I don't like Limbaugh either, but darkie is an idiot. Anti-gun and anti-liberty and pro high tax; not much like the opposing team that starts with an 'r'.

    We do know liberalism is a failure everywhere it is tried. I pay more taxes (local, federal, state) than I do for shelter. Neither party seems to care.

  4. Anonymous7:17 AM

    don't hold back, Busted, tell him how you really feel . . . .

    mrs. jp

  5. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I hate to admit that I listen to this clown,and Sean ..Its the only station that comes in clear in my shop.You can tell by the way they talk that they are trying to incite a riot in the base,but it won't work.I prefer to get my news from the Daily show or Colbert! Thats how bad the party's have gotten!Rush has a 40m a yr contract,plus advertisers,and says he's "worried" about our taxes? RIGHT!! I'm waiting for him to OD on something and get off the air!Can he OD on lil jamaican boys?
    Dean in az

  6. You know, Busted....1984 just came late and double speak rules the fools.

    I can't believe every third thing that moron Beck does makes the local evening news here.

  7. Muthafucker Limpballs just says this shit to get a rise out of the cretinous morons who tune in his show every day. And believe me, there's no shortage of those. He has no soul, no sense of humanity. The only America in Limbaugh's vocabulary is the one printed on the $100 bill.

    Limpdick needs to make all those millions to keep the security tight around his ass. He can't go to the fucking toilet without an armed escort because of the crap he spouts.

    As much as I hate the bastard, I hope no one does him harm. No person deserves to sit in jail for 99 years for doing him in.

    This fat, fetid, worthless excuse for a human being needs to get an incurable and virulent disease. One that makes his ass suffer. People think that's cruel, that we shouldn't talk like this because it's just not right.

    Fuck that! Karma is a bitch and Limbaugh's time is nigh. If there is any justice in this universe, Rushbo will wake up one morning coughing up a lung, shitting blood and pissing nails.

    Get me some popcorn, 'cause I want to watch that shit.

  8. Anonymous5:41 PM

    And you listen to him why...?

  9. I don't listen to that lying motherfucker. See the link in my rant?

  10. Y'know, perhaps you need meds. While it was over the top, it really wasn't that bad. Perhaps you have Limbaugh Derangement Syndrome?

    I mean, seriously, dude. You hear worse from most liberals every time they open their mouths, yet I don't hear you going off on them...

    But don't let me stop a good rant.

  11. Worse? Worse!?

    Mr.B, in what fucking universe are you currently residing?

    You got proof, numbnuts? Show us. Back up your little turd comment with proof, bitch. Give us links to racist hate speech by liberals. Put up or shut up.

    I listen to a lot of liberals, more than you fucking do, I can say for a fact.

    There isn't a Liberal alive who spews this kind of racial hatred. Keith O? No. Rachel Maddow? Not hardly. Maybe Ed Schultz? Nope.

    Nowhere will you find a Liberal or a Progressive spewing this kind of racist hate shit every fucking time his microphone is turned on.

    You suffer from a brain malfunction, MrB. Liberals point out the racism, the cronyism, the corruption, the hypocrisy, the greed, the cold-blooded disregard for anyone else that garbage like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck represent and you get all pissed off. You can't stand to hear it because it means you are fucking wrong.

    Dude, holding a mirror up to a racist isn't the same as saying that shit yourself. But you seem to have a problem with that.

    The reason is very simple. You think just like them. Racism, greed, corruption are fine for you. In fact, they're admirable qualities to people like you.

  12. Come now everyone. Dig down deeper into your souls. You all really do know what is going on here, and it has been going on for decades. The two-party scam sham, smoke and mirrors show. The two headed snake of the liberals vs the conservatives. Such a lie, scam and if the sheeple believe this sh!t of a staged show, then we are lost. You vote in a liberal whatever, congress and all, look at the current state of affairs. You vote in a so called conservative, look what happened there. Proceed with the collapse of america and the Barnum and Bailey 2 ring circus. Please people wake up. Liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans are all the same. They work for the elite only, and we are all slaves now. United we stand, divided we fall. We are now divided more than ever, and we are falling faster than ever before.