Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Time To Get Serious

As much as I like to fuck off, and I do, there are times when ya gotta step up to the plate.

I got a phone call today asking for help from my mother.
My Dad is in the hospital after some surgery and she has to go to Boston to teach a class.

I told her I would go see the old man after he got home on Thursday and then thought better of that, I went and seen him tonight.

He seemed to be in pretty good spirits but I could see he was putting up a fight.

Ya wonder how I got to be so fucking ornery, I have a very good teacher.
Anyways, I called my little brother and he hadn't heard anything about it, strike two, He hadn't heard anything about me going to see Granny either.

Pay attention kid, these are our immediate forefathers, there must be a reason nobody is clueing you in.

Anyways, so much for R&R and I&I,* I was just starting to enjoy that too.
It is also putting a crimp into a certain out of town excursion I was really looking forward to, sorry Honey, get there when I can.

This does not preclude me from taking care of my family in any sense.
That is what we are supposed to do and as inconvenient as it may seem at the get go, I will drop everything I have going on to do it, every fucking time.

I also got an Email from my crazy assed uncle wanting to know that if he can get here from three hundred miles away on a Goddamn Honda 750 up I-5, if I have a place for him to crash.
Hey, if you can get here without smearing yerself on the side of the highway, I'll be more than happy to have ya crash here, instead of the middle of the fucking road, been there, done that, lost count. I will find some accommodations, somehow, even if I have to sleep on the floor, I ain't a stranger to that anyhow.

The definition of stubborn, that guy. I won't go into the reason why he wants to do this, other than he is an altruistic motherfucker like I am and it has to do with family. Idiot.Take the fucking bus dude!
Yer kid doesn't want to be an orphan, even if ya are separated from the mother, Jesus.

Anyways, just another day in the life, Thanks fer stopping by.

* I&I, got that one from my Pops a Long time ago, he was in the Navy.

Intoxication and Intercourse.

That's a keeper.

Love Ya Pops.


  1. Family first, always, whether ya want to or not.

    There all too soon comes a time, when they are gone.

    Enjoy it all while they are here . . . . even the crap that comes with family.

    Yer a good man, Busted.

  2. Thanks Larue, yer a good man too and I appreciate ya showing up and kicking my ass on occasion.

    Unfortunately, I had to learn the part about them not always being around the hard way.
    I did learn though....

  3. (((busted))) hoping everything goes well for everyone dood.

    and be thankful you have I&I and are not just a consultant.


    Not quite there yet, it's coming if I have to walk the whole way.

  5. Great posting, Knucks... well said. Back in 2005, I was unemployed and dealt very closely with end-of-life issues with Mom, who passed in April that year, right before I found out my younger brother was seriously ill from being in the bottom of the bottle for 30 years. Since I was outta work, I made the trek from SoCal to NorCal twice a month to help him out and keep my Pops from going crazy. Chuck passed away in November, but not before he and I became very, very close, mebbe closer than ever. Being unemployed all during 2005... BAD. Losing both Mom and Chuck in the same year... BAD. Having the opportunity and wherewithal to spend hard-core quality time with them both at the end of their mortal coil... PRICELESS. Fanily and friends is all we really have in this world, everything else is baggage. Keep passing the open windows!