Friday, August 21, 2009

Fresh Eggs

Boy Howdy did I score today,
I met Ross and his wife.
They have a farm and were selling 18 packs of fresh eggs for three bucks.
I only got one and split it three ways between my neigbors who ain't working and me but I am here to tell ya, I see these nice folks every once in a while and next time, I am cleaning them out.

You can keep eggs at room temperature for nine freaking months as long as you seal the shell from air.
Get on the web, there are several ways to do that.

I loves me some fresh eggs.

Fuck Safeway.


  1. busted I hate to burst your bubble but I got 18 eggs for 1.66 at Walmart. Now I know there are folks who hate Walfart market but in this economy we can't be choosey now can we! Busted I got me a new political blog, come by and see me, your old friend Sue.

  2. Freshly laid is best...even with eggs!