Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nice To Know

Apparently even the locals are watching my internet habits and are not above a little gossip.
How nice.
Yes Sir, I'm on a list and somebody has a big mouth, I'll remember that.

Have a nice day.


  1. WTF? dood, let's talk.

  2. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Sorry I missed that shit storm Saturday. Wow. Looks like Elizabeth and Larue did the sight proud against some fairly stupid trolls.

    I hope all is well with you.


  3. We are all on a list compliments of GWB and co.

  4. Ah so, Freedom of Speech being jeopardized? That blows donkeys Busted. Just say when and where, I got yer back m'man. We're all on a list, like Dragon said.


    Mayberry the Stupid Troll

  5. Get the fuck off the "Stupid Troll" shit

    Not every one knows my Internet habits, just one VERY unconcerting individual I have been aquainted with for twenty fucking years.

    Hey, everybody, this is my buddy Mayberry.

    How's that?
    Now we are on another fucking list.

    Ya crazy fuck.

  6. I hit send too soon.

    Best of luck to ya dude, we are all in this clusterfuck together.

  7. Busted, you N Mayberry can be tight.

    I'm just not kewl with his shit.

    And life rolls on, don't it.


  8. Well they say you haven't made it until you get at least one troll. Looks like your in the big time now.

    You need some privacy? I can hook you up.

  9. I know the feeling, Busted. I am being stalked on my blog...where I finally reopened comments, by members of a pissed off cultish pagan group. They don't like me calling their Feckless Leader a cultist and possible pedophile enabler. So they are hitting the barely opened comments to swear at me...boring, boring, boring.

  10. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I agree with Demeur -- until you've earned your own troll(s), you're not fully a blogger. A bona fide blogger has to have at least one DOT (Designated Ornery Troll), otherwise s/he's not being really heard. :)

  11. Methinks a few missed your drift Busted ; ) But if they wanna call me a troll, no skin off my ass! Apparently that's the new term for "one with a difference of opinion".

  12. Shit, I hit send too fast also.. Here's up-ending a cold one for ya Busted. Blog on my friend!

  13. Back in the day, I used to figure folks who sat and flapped their lips about me must have sincerely boring lives if I and what the fuck signs I was putting up was all they had to talk about. Problem IS that sometimes these sorts of dimfucks can be seriously dangerous.