Friday, August 07, 2009

Get Out The Tin Foil


My old man ain't a happy camper right now, he is still getting this message, I was using his computer fer the last two days.

I tried scanning it with SpyBot and only got a couple of minor players.
I am thinking TPTB have just introduced a new program scanning the internets for subversives.

Have a nice day you cocksuckers.


  1. I'm not even sure what yer sayin.

    What message?

    Dude, there's crap out there for PC based and Windows based apps that will rip yer heart out.

    Us MAC users, we don't HAVE them problems.

    Yer trippin, hoss, with this TPTB stuff.

    You, and yer old man, are just victims of shit technology, called PC, and Windows.

    Like GOP.

    Ya know?

  2. I might be trippin' but I can tell ya a select few kept getting the same message from Google today, that they wouldn't connect you to your target site because you were violating their terms of service and kept getting the same message over and over that we were broadcasting Automated Queries to Google.
    Broadcasting? Automated Queries? That would be a fucking virus.
    None Found. Did anyone you know experience this phenomena today?
    Paranoid? Me? Why the hell would I be paranoid, I know for a fact the Government watches my ass.

  3. Same shit happened to me yesterday.
    I ended up loggin out and walkin away for a bit.

  4. Windows or Mac - you use the tool you have for the job you need done. I'm pretty good at keeping my PC alive and have no need to ditch it just to join the Mac Club. Why start from scratch to relearn stuff I can already do with my PC? Besides, I haven't the money to spend two to three times what I paid for this box for a Mac.

    As for being on the LIST...

    Regardless of who's in office now, the names collected during the last administration are still on record. No government goon worth his black bag would trash ill-gotten goods just because a progressive got elected to the White House.

    As far as the folks at Homeland Security are concerned, once a radical dissenter, always a radical dissenter.

    So, BK, take comfort in the knowledge that you and I and all the rest of our merry pranksters on the web have nice big manila folders with our names attached.

    Isn't that right, fellas? ;o)

  5. Seems it was Russian hackers pissed off at a Georgian blogger. They wrote some code to fuck with the social networks to shut him down, and it spread to the blog hosts such as google, and such.

    No tin foil. Just some GLARING hackery!

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