Saturday, August 08, 2009

Buckle Up

It's about to get bumpy.

Brad Friedman at The BRAD BLOG has been following the Sibel Edmonds story for a while and he Live Blogged her deposition today.

For those not familiar with Sibel, she worked for the FBI under the last Bush administration listening in on wire taps and translating them.
Apparently she didn't like what she was hearing and went to blow the whistle.
They did not like that, fired her and put a gag order on her.

No more.
According to The Brad Blog, she just dropped a political nuclear bomb off in Washington D.C. today exposing political blackmail,the infiltration of our government by a foreign government, espionage, bribery, crooked Congressmen that she names by name and the biggest bombshell of all, How Brewster Jennings of Valerie Plame fame was outed long before Valerie Plame was herself.
I don't want to steal the mans thunder, I want you to go read this shit with your own eyes, Kudos to Brad and to Sibel for going through with this, she certainly has a target on her back now.

Now, I have not seen a goddamn thing about this on any MSM station, or any Big Box Blogs so I think it is safe to say I really want this to go viral.

If you have a Blog, I would like you to link to The Brad Blog and lets get this out there.

This is serious stuff and now is the time for all able bodied men and women to come to the aid of your country, so we can put these criminal motherfuckers in jail where they belong, finally.

This is HUGE!

I can't WAIT for Marcy Wheeler to get a hold of the Brewster Jennings angle.


  1. Damn, I mean, DAMN!

    If this doesn't put a kink in their crotch I don't know what will.

    How this affects the testimony of Plame and her husband remains to be seen. Did Scooter get tossed under the bus in order to throw Fitz off the real trail? Was Plame a cover story to keep this shit under wraps?

    I always thought that whole 'Niger yellow cake' bullshit was too goofy to be real. The evidence was as bad a forgery as that Kenyan birth certificate.

    Seems there's lots of 'splainin' to do from some of those characters.

    I guess we just have to stay tuned...

  2. As of early Sunday morning have seen nothing on this.

    Well done Busted and have linked to you.

    Will this turn out to be like most everything else-I hope not.

  3. What pisses me off is slugs like Grassley knew this for several years cuz you can bet this is what she told them. He broke the law as well covering up for crimes committed by elected officials. There was a dim there as well. Some of the links are outdated.

  4. That's some serious shit. Can't wait to see if anything is actually done about it. The mainstreams will probably bury it, 'cuz they're part of the original problem.... Yup, a fine example of why I could give two shits what comes out of the "news", most of it is bullshit....

  5. Maybe the fact that Brewster-Jennings had already been blown out of the water was what made Cheney & Co. believe they were free to out Plame. If Brewster-Jennings was Plame's cover, she had already been outed years earlier, the public just didn't know.

  6. That's what I'm taking from this, Karen. Did Plame know her cover was blown? How many folks knew the shit had already hit the fan when the story broke?

    But the big question I have is how did Scooter get convicted if this was already done? Shitty lawyers? Take one for the team?

    Face it, as we turn up more rocks from the Bush/Cheney years, we're going to be finding a lot of slime.

    Once they empty Gitmo, I think they should put these two fuckers there for the rest of time. Once dead, bury their worthless asses in the courtyard then give the base back to the Cubans. They'll put a memorial septic tank there.

  7. It really is sick the routine treason that went on and it is simply denied or lied about and MSM never says a damn thing. I am sick of listening to the crying about the "liberal" media. They are still in Bush's pocket but why?

  8. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Thank you, Busted, for keeping me in touch with he real world. Over time yours has become the first blog I check every day. And the second is Treesong's since you introduced us to her recently. Thank you Thank you.
    And a fuck you just to keep your spirits up. Skeptic

  9. LMAO!

    Thanks fer stopping by!

  10. David, Scooter wasn't convicted for outing Plame, he was convicted for lying.

  11. Busted, thanks for the heads up on this one. I've been reading Sibel's blog for a few months now,

    Do NOT overlook the implications of the Turkish Government buying out congress people, and getting deals done on the Turks behalf. THAT will in turn link to AIPAC, and we get to revisit Franklin, et al, I think.

    So, with Plame/Jennings, we have domestic based thuggery, with the Turks, we have international based thuggery, coupled with Israel's meddling in our affairs.

    It's possible that Holder and our present Justice Dept won't be ABLE to temper and lessen of these issues to make them go away.

    How delicious!

  12. True that, Karen. I got ahead of myself as I was posting. Still, there was a lot of shit being passed around well before Novak outed her. Perhaps that's why he got the nod, they had already tanked Brewster Jennings so talking about Plame was given a green light.

    Like I said, the rule of law was stuck up, mucked up, and fucked up by Bush/Cheney. It'll take a lot of years to get back to square one as far as accountability is concerned.

    Irony: the nutbaggers are up in arms about Obama and rant about the gov't being all in their shit. Where were they during the Bush years when their fears were justified?

    I would weep for my country but there isn't enough Kleenex in the world for that.

  13. So now it turns out that Obama's special fucking prosecutor is not so goddamned special after all. NO investigation of those who ordered the law breaking, of those who DID the lawbreaking, just, it seems somehow of the law breaking but not any fucking PEOPLE. Wouldn't want to imprison any of the criminal hoi-poloi!


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  15. Its enough to make you sick isn't it? I think the shock value just isnt there anymore though, we've gotten to the point where this shit is actually expected now... Everyone knows the fuckers are no good.