Saturday, August 01, 2009


Ya know what's worse than bats in yer belfry?
Ants in yer pantry.
Dirty little sonsabitches came out of nowhere and have infested the Weasel Den.
I do mean everywhere too, even found a couple in bed with me.
They are tiny little bastards and are fucking fast too!

I went to dump out a half empty beer can in the sink and found their little highway, they are were coming up out of the drain in the sink.

I went around the corner and legally purchased some chemical weapons of Mass Destruction and had no problem pulling the trigger.

Heh heh heh, die you little fuckers.

This happens every damn year around here but I ain't fucking around this time.

I have some garden produce I am trying to dehydrate and those little bastards are NOT going to fuck that up. BTW I got my first tomato today.

Better living through chemistry, RAID is yer friend.

In honor of their sacrifice trying to survive, I give you,

Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. Yeah, that new permethrin-based stuff for ants is the bomb, the atom bomb that is if you're an ant. Lots better than the worthless shit we had when I was a kid, which was only good for killing small children or ants you sprayed it directly up. I tried this new Raid stuff that has the permethrin in it and haven't seen an ant since in the apartment where my iceberg is docked, and that's been 4 years!

    - Badtux the Antless Penguin

  2. There was a time when I would think nothing of running down to the store and pick up a can of the cheapest bug spray to get rid of the creepy crawly vermin but as you may know what I do for a living I looked into what we're using in homes and this is going to shock you. The stuff used in residential use does not have to comply with commercial standards. In short the stuff they sell for home use is now more toxic than what a commercial pest control company can use.
    Now here's the kicker. Permethrin is in essence a mild form of Agent Orange. It's an endocrine disrupter. That means it can screw up your nervous system.
    A much safer method would be Boric acid powder. You'd have to eat at least two tablespoons full to get sick from it yet it will kill ants .

  3. Dude, ain't nobody sayin' you should spray the permethrin on *yourself*. If it's sprayed around the baseboards and you ain't in the habit of licking the baseboards, it's a *lot* safer than the old-school pesticides like Malathion, which is why the old-school pesticides are banned now. When our dudes in Iraq were running around with their nerve agent strips looking for WMD, their strips kept getting triggered by suspicious barrels of chemicals at nearly every farm in Iraq. It turned out to be Malathion -- chemically indistinguishable from VX nerve agent on a crude test, they're both organophosphate nerve agents. Which Permethrin ain't. Unless you're a chitinous insect, it ain't likely to hurt ya unless you spray it on yourself or drink it, and I ain't intendin' to do neither.

    So you can go ahead and be a nervous nelly or whatever, but I ain't seen an ant for four years now, so if I ever do see one again, I'll pull out that evil yellow can where it's hiding in my cupboards and send the bastarts right back to hell again.

    That said, you ARE right that the commercial exterminators have something even safer to spray for ants, it's called Premise (imidacloprid) and you could probably drink that shit and it not do anything to you, I mean, this is the same stuff that's in that cat and dog flea chemical you dab on their necks. If you have small children and shit I'd definitely say call the exterminator to have them spray this stuff instead of the vile crap out of the yellow can. But I'm past an age where I lick baseboards, so I don't give a shit.

    - Badtux the Environmentally Incorrect Penguin

  4. Dude, why the fuck are you dehydrating your motherfucking produce??

  5. This happens every damn year around here but I ain't fucking around this time.

    Were you fucking around all those other times? Gezzus .... ya should know by now, one millipede, oops - millimeter = taking the fuck over.

  6. When I lived in Hollywood, one spring we had a roach problem in the building...some people never learn not to put their garbage under the sink in SoCal - sprinkled a line of 20 Mule Team borax around the perimeter of the apartment (including door openings) and voila - Mr. Roach and the Roach family singers got the f*ck out of Dodge, permanently.


  7. Darkblack gets the environmental award here. Ding ding ding! Boric acid is very similar to Borax soap and safe for humans. The little buggers get it on them and take it back to their food source. Then no more buggys.

  8. Demeur, you might want to rethink that boric acid is safe for humans bit. I personally wouldn't use it in my home because my cats would tend to track it around and lick it up and long-term exposure is not good for you. It's not carcinogenic, but that's the only good thing to say about it.

    Premise is completely safe once it is dry -- it doesn't track, unlike boric acid. So I'd suggest that if you have small animals and small children that you don't want exposed to something nasty, Premise is preferable to boric acid.

  9. Speaking for myself, I wasn't concerned about pets - didn't have any - although the very real possibility existed that in the absence of proper safety information one of my human acquaintances might have attempted to snort the carpet clean.


  10. Alright penguin don't trust me go look up the MSDS sheet on it and read it!

  11. I'm sorry but LMFAO!.
    "Don't trust me penguin",
    OMG, that is a line to remember.

    Badtux, thanks fer the advice, you too Demuer and also Darkblack.

    The little fuckers are dead, that was an urgent matter. I am going to get out the rubber gloves and scrub the counters now.
    Someone mentioned spreading Corn meal.
    They take it back home, they can't digest it and it dehydrates their nasty little asses, I'll be trying that, I don't want to poison my fucking cats by accident.

    Thank you all for stopping by and giving me some solid, educated, advice.


  12. Physioprof, dehydrating them for long term storage, they take up almost no room, which is important while living in a Weasel Den.
    Oh, I am enjoying the hell out of eating a bunch fresh out of the garden too.