Monday, August 10, 2009

Back To The Salt Mines

Oh Yay, vacation is
over, back to the grind.

H/T my buddy Joe for the pic.


  1. When can I bring my car in, Busted?



  3. Hoss, man did I let you suck myself in at FDL.

    One of us owe's the other a glass or barrell of fine 30 year aged whiskey.

    I'm not sure either of us loses on this suckatood.

    But damn . . . oh hell, screw ya hoser and thanks for the sourcy linky's to Sibel . . . *G*

    Yer killin me, don't ever stop!!!

    (I worked hard, you BEST be gettin some bloggy love)

    PUTZ!!! lololololololol

    One time, you go a festin with me, for four daze.

    Camp, tents, but with showers and great vendor food.

    Camps with air mattresses, cots and air mattresses, full kitchens on propane.

    Music of course, main stage.

    And all night wandering for camp jams.

    YOU can play kazoo! Or just clap yer hands, sing along if ya know the words.

    I'm tellin ya.

    Check out near ya, Portland River City Fest.

    Or, up above in WA, WNTERGRASS! HUGE!

    And if yer ever down here in CA, we'll take care of ya if ya wanna hit

    Be kewl hoss, heat's a bummer . . .


    My bad. . . .

    Either I'm too needy, or you people (Suz too) are just fun to be around . . ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    Love ya all . . . ya keeps me smilin . . . *smiles*

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  6. LOVE the graphic, hoss, that guy's good!

  7. I didn't MAKE it, Larue, I just FOUND it and passed it along to grumpy here...If you wanted to do him a favor, you could score him one on Ebay...

  8. Heh, light wallet hoss . . . it WOULD look good hangin in the door of The Weasel Den, wouldn't it. *G*