Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bug Man On TV

Need I say a fucking thing about that.

You desperate mother fucker.

I guess it beats being in jail where you belong but the scorn of public opinion is going to leave a rash on yer ass.

How about a three way with you, Dick Fucking Cheney and that starry eyed dumbass Harriet Myers?

That could be entertaining, y'all doing the "Cover My Ass" together


  1. Who's The Bug Man?
    Ya lost me here, hoss . . . .

  2. Tom Delay was an exterminator before becoming a congresscritter.

    He apparently huffed enough chemicals to make him fucking evil but not enough to kill him.

    Dancing w/ the stars must have incredibly low standards. Getting charges tossed on a technicality (statute specified cash, he got checks), he's still a fucking criminal.

    Yeah, I'm saying fuck a lot today. I've had two (Democratic) senate staffers hang up on me. Precious little fucks think it's perfectly fine for high ranking opposition party members to call the president a baby killer but they draw the line at me saying "shit."

    Greatest healthcare in the world?

    I'll be voting on that question with my life. You'll find me under "early death from treatable disease."

  3. Oh, Delay. Dancing.

    Useless news and info I could live without.

    Delay's useless, the show's useless. Not you.

    But good ranting, though, both of yas!