Tuesday, August 25, 2009

As Much As This Pains Me

Yeah, I just found out about Ted Kennedy kicking the bucket.

Y'all Right Wingers that have had a fucking Hard On fer the guy all these years, I have a question for ya,

How many fucking times since 1965 have you read in the paper about some young person getting killed before their time?

Ask an Iraqi Mother, Father, Uncle or Sister.

Yes, I know about Chappaquiddick.

Y'all will never let that go, I can't wait for Version 4,286.

I guess that Forty years of trying to do the right thing for us average fucks, nobody will ever forget that Ted Fucked Up and drowned his girl friend and panicked like a kid who never ever had any responsibility or knew what to do in a panic situation ten miles out of town, forty years before cell phones and the advent of calling 911.

I will not forgive or try to equal the life of one young lady and I can certainly relate to the never ending outrage, I would never forget the fucking guy who killed my baby girl.

I would just remind you that what is a huge , compelling force in our society is Redemption.
That thing that the Judicial system crams down the throat of everybody like him and I, to be a productive member of society. Hell yes he had preferential treatment, his brother was the President of the United Fucking States. What, ya never seen some asshole get preferential treatment because his/her father was a Big Wig? Gimme a fuckin' break.

It's not just the judicial system either, I got the same message after I had my lower back fused when I was twenty five years old.The Medical system is absolutely as corrupt as the political system is, get real here.
We are going to do our best to fix you so that you can be a productive member of society.

Let me tell you something, I have been busting my ass for twenty five years after I was told that and if I was a lazy fucker, I could have been collecting Disability. Wrenching on Heavy Equipment, getting a College Degree with honors and generally staying alive ever fucking since 1985.

Ted Kennedy was no different in the fact that he had a huge liability with the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, she was an unfortunate victim of bad judgment. He went through hell and no one let him forget that the rest of his life, I sure as fuck wouldn't have.
He did redeem himself in the fact that he championed the average American the rest of his life, Google Champion sometime, it ain't what you might think it is.

Ted Kennedy died tonight.

The Kennedy family has had more than it's share of sorrow in the last forty fucking years, in my opinion. Jesus Christ, his sister just died.

They just haven't had a fucking Drone drop a damn HellFire Missile on them during a wedding ,yet.

Close, I was seriously saddened when JFK Jr. went down with his wife in a little bitty air plane.

I am really not liking living in these times lately.

Either way, we just lost a very influential advocate for us fucking peons, like him or not, the man did great things for us little people and I will be damned if I can come up with a name that comes close to what he did for us, maybe Fiengold can get busy.

With any luck, some Grandstanding sonofabitch will use his death as a giant opportunity to connect Ted Kennedy's life's work towards equality in health care to this fucked up abortion that is being strangled by the Retards and cram reform down their fucking throats with it.

What the fuck, I would approve of that strategy.


  1. Busted I friggin cryin here, its a terrible sad day for the Kennedys and a sad loss for the American people. He was a champion for sure. Damn Ted why did you leave us now when we need you so bad!! xoxoxo


    You nailed it.

    Sue, you want to know why he left us now when we need him so badly? Because he knew that he alone wasn't enough to stop the botch job that HIS OWN FUCKING PARTY is making of this country's health care system.

  3. Busted that should say I'M friggin crying, sorry I was trying to type thru the tears. Jill this is a sad day for America, the Senates most gifted and GIVING senator is gone and I will forever mourn

  4. Thanks for that Busted!!!

  5. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Thanx, Busted. Eloquence and depth, as expected. skeptic

  6. Sad that he didn't live long enough to see health care passed. He got the ball rolling with the first proposal.

  7. It is a sad day. I wish he had least lived to see the first full term of the Obama administration after he worked hard to see this president elected.

  8. Thank you so much for your heartfelt words, Busted. They made me feel a little bit better after a wretched morning.

    His attempts at Redemption redeemed us all.



    I would just remind you that what is a huge, compelling force in our society is Redemption.

    Either way, we just lost a very influential advocate for us fucking peons, like him or not, the man did great things for us little people and I will be damned if I can come up with a name that comes close to what he did for us, maybe Feingold can get busy.

  9. With so little good in the world, why did Senator Kennedy have to get brain cancer and die? Why couldn't it have been that nasty fuck Lieberman or his sidekick McCain?

    Where before I had wondered whether there was any justice in the world, now I know there is not.

  10. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Teddy led a life of luxury. He never knew the meaning of the words spartan or prosaic. He had limos and servants. He was the idiot of the XY side of the family.
    He was a drunk, and he cheated on his wife.

    His Irish Catholic guilt led him to become an uber-socialist. Why not, he had everything, why can't everybody? He raised the minimum on employers, but Ted never had to pay any of the increase, the employers did. He wrote liberal immigration policies, because he wanted all the Mexicans to live like him!
    He gave away the store, with YOUR money. Meanwhile, he swilled Chivas Regal, (his family got a % of each bottle of scotch whiskey imported) and hob-nobbed with the boys in Washington. Teddy never had to spend a dime of his own income, unless he was in a casino. With his passing Teddy will save America untold dollars, because no normal man could have signed as much irresponsible and costly legislation. Yep, Ted was a big spender, a sport and a man who liked to take a drink. ALL ON YOUR DIME. Good riddance you bag of Irish crap.

  11. I just love Anonymous shit head trolls.
    You said yer piece, now it's my turn. Ted Kennedy had many flaws, who doesn't? For all of his many faults, Ted Kennedy passed some legislation that changed this country for the better, permanently.

    By the way, I'm Irish too.
    The way I see it, you aren't fit to lick the sweat off of an Irishman's balls.
    Go Fuck yerself.

  12. Oh yeah, I get to follow the wingnut retard... oops, BK got here before I could finish typing...

    Real brave of you dipshit. You say those words with your head hidden in your shorts.

    Fuck you, rightard.

    Ted Kennedy was born in the lap of luxury. BK pointed that out if you had half a brain to read the post. But he used that privilege to give strength and freedom to those who weren't. You spew that rightwing garbage straight from Karl Rove's ass. You haven't a single brain cell to call your own. Come to think of it, you may only have one brain cell.

    The legacy of the Kennedy clan will live long after we've turned to dust. Their service to the betterment of the American Dream cannot be challenged by any person - anyone. The Lion spent his entire life giving the poor and under-privileged a hand up and push down the road to the realization of their dreams. Even slime like you benefit from the bills passed by this great man. He would even want to meet with a racist numbnut fuck like you or talk with you about them if he could. He crossed the aisle many times to get his bills passed.

    Ted Kennedy will forever be the Lion of the Senate. The Lion sleeps tonight, it's up to us to keep his dreams alive.

    The wingnuts are rejoicing today. What better tribute to Teddy than to see all the Dems in the Senate grasp onto the Health Reform Bill in its best form and shove it down the throats of every Repug Senator and Congressman.

    Make them choke on Teddy's greatest legacy.

  13. I am just glad he lived long enough to see Bush and the Republithugs LOSE the White House. And I am going to sit in front of a recording of Camelot this evening and drink myself to sleep in tears.

  14. Stay Classy right winger, how many people have the Bush family killed? Can you count that high?
    did'nt think so
    The whole Kennedy clan w/ money AND class understand noblese oblige to those with much, much is expected, Ted's eldest brother died in a volunteer mission over France in WW2, Jack volunteered for COMBAT in WW2 with his back injuries, Robert served in the Navy, where did your heroes serve
    Bush? he was AWOL
    CHENEY, he had other priorities
    just look up the term chickenhawk
    The Kennedy family has always done for the least of our brothers,
    Special Olympics?
    Racial Equality
    Just One Pissed off Irish American Democrat
    nuff said

  15. Not many people get to meet or actually know a great person in their lives. But we all get to live better lives because of them no matter what they did to be great. Writers, scientists and yes even politicians. Being old enough to have seen the passing of JFK, RFK and now Ted, I now understand what it is that makes a person great. Not being perfect, as no one ever gets close to that. It's trying. And trying. Ted of course had much more time to try and it allowed him to succeed at his chosen profession. And succeed he did. The list can be found elsewhere and it is long. How many people will you know of in your life who accomplish as much? I'll bet not many.
    The world should be sad today and human beings will cry for the loss.

  16. 'What, ya never seen some asshole get preferential treatment because his/her father was a Big Wig?'

    No, never.


    Nice anonymous cut-and-paste-patriot talking points up above - Just what the fuck is an 'uber-socialist' there, Jonah? One of the things that pains me most in observing the dialog between ideological poles in America is how many McCarthy-era sloganeering moronisms get trotted out on cue by some types, utterly bereft of relevance to the topic and useful only as a gauge of subjective hatred and lack of political sophistication.

    As for Ted Kennedy - In spite of a moment of tragically bad judgment, he earned his rest - but I doubt he'll get it from the American Right, when they're not digging up Reagan for a quick feel-good necrofest.

  17. Ted is dead.
    He worked tirelessly for what he believed in.
    My condolences to his family and friends.

  18. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Our dad was in labor and even made it to the bigs. He has a picture of himself and teddy together with a personal note written to him. With privilege comes responsibility and I can't think of any time that ted didn't take full responsibility for his actions. Can the same be said of any repug in the recent past. Shit, you motherfuckers need to go way back just to find an innocent one. Not to be proud of ted is not to be proud of my father. Because I know my father would never compromise himself and befriend someone who wasn't up to his own standards. So to you anon asshole to spit on ted you are spitting on MY FATHER. SO HERE'S A BIG FAT FUCK YOU!!!!!!!


  19. Heh.
    Can ya tell we're related?

  20. I'm related to both of you and am proud to say it. Anybody who bad-mouths Teddy displays an abysmal ignorance of a life dedicated to improving the lot of us working people. I display the picture of Ted and I on my shop wall and am very proud of it - it was taken at his home in McLean, Va where he hosted a sit-down dinner for over 100 legislative reps from organized labor. Those Repugs who can't wait to attack him wouldn't make a pimple on the great mans ass. . . .

  21. I love ya Pops.

    Yer a good man.

  22. Anonymous3:38 PM

    You go, Busted! I like your kick-ass attitude!