Saturday, August 29, 2009

This May Take A While

OK, after the fur flied in the comments of my last post, I just want to make sure every body knows where I stand and what my positions are.

First of all, I am a Liberal, Progressive Democrat.
If you stopped reading right now, I don't give a shit to hear your opinion, because I am MUCH more than that.

I like to hear other peoples thoughts and I could give a rats ass about political affiliations.
All politics is local and we are all in this together.

This country is FUBAR.
(BTW, I go with definition number 3).

Someone recently told me to basically walk the talk, You maybe didn't think I pay attention to the comments y'all leave.

Here it comes.

Audit the Fed.
This goes beyond common sense to the point of absurdity.
What. The. Fuck.?

Trillions of imaginary dollars have gone, somewhere?
Find out where the fuck our money just went.
Next, I want full accountability and subsequent prosecution where applicable.
I think it is safe to say some individuals resemble Bernie Maddoff.


Quit fucking around and prosecute the Fuck out of those mother fuckers in the Bush administration and be done with it. The whole reason I started Blogging was to speak out about the criminal shit they were doing.

Hey asshole, ya you, Obama, get yer head out of yer ass and DO THE RIGHT THING!

Jesus Fucking Christ.

The continuation of illegal monitoring of We The Peoples electronic communications, the absolute fucking joke of air travel security, illegal renditions and detentions, Motherfucking Gitmo, Afghanistan and Iraq, those fucking lobbyists,the Coal industry,the, fuck me, EVERY FUCKING INDUSTRY.


I ain't a happy camper here, dick head.

Slap that little bastard Rahm Emmanuel for me and wake the fuck up.
This is serious shit.

Grab a handful of balls and get the fuck out there and stop this madness.
I reiterate, this country is FUBAR.
Change, my ass, it's business as usual and I will be the first one to admit the only fucking reason I hoped for your success in winning the Whitehouse was to get rid of the vermin that had it before. Good Lord what a giant mass of FUCK that was.
I ain't no bubble eyed virgin boys,
I been to Grandma's house before .

I know, I am going to get bored and stroked for this and I could really give a shit.

Clean up the business end of this country or prepare to try and catch a tornado in a piss cup.


  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    LOL and amen -- or the other way around, Busted. My sentiments exactly.

    (What fur flying? Barely a pleasant exchange of opinions, m'dear. You wanna see fur flying, I'd introduce you to my old beagle who sheds like crazy. I have his pics on my blog here and there -- he is delightful, but yes he does make fur fly. His own fur, of course. :)

  2. I Heartily Agree With This And Especially Your Last Post You Ornery Fucker! So Much So, I Ripped You Off And Posted It On My Blog! Props Tuh Yuh!

  3. Yeah. What you said. Even if Obama's weaseliness is giving me an excuse to use the word "nutsack" in polite company.

  4. Busted I am with you there. When the fuckers in Warshington start treating us like "customers" instead of like children, that wil be one glorious day in America.

  5. Hey, Busted -- I'm with you, brother.

    I glanced through some of the comments to the HR post, and the "deficit" concern trolls can lick my asshole.

    I don't remember ANY of you sonsabitches saying jack shit about this country hemorrhaging money over the last eight years. All of a sudden, deficits are so important that the place you plant your flag is in the back of the working poor with respect to health care?

    That the Obama admin is continuing the same bullshit policies and running the same crap game as we had for the last 8, 16, 24 years is unacceptable.

    Deficits or "runaway spending" are the least of this country's problems.

  6. I'm with ya, pal. Barry better get on the stick.

  7. Thank you. I was sick last night after reading some of the retorts to your post. Ok, it wasn't some of them, it was just one of them.

  8. Anonymous9:32 PM

    "I'm with ya, pal. Barry better get on the stick."

    Or what?

    Give it up and go back to your TV. When the troops come down the street, try not to piss your pants.

  9. If those trolls want their freedom from government they can all go to Somolia and they won't have to worry about any of that.

  10. Anon, when they come for you, it will be a great cleansing.

    Buh, by. *G*

  11. When the troops come down the street, try not to piss your pants.

    Been a troop, never pissed my pants. Twat.

  12. "I don't remember ANY of you sonsabitches saying jack shit about this country hemorrhaging money over the last eight years."

    Then you ain't been listening. Just 'cuz the "radio heads" weren't, doesn't mean conservatives weren't. That's why the Repugnicans got their asses handed to 'em in the last election. They stopped being conservatives.

    Now before Larue and the gang go off on another frenzy, let me tell y'all something. I am NOT AGAINST healthcare reform. Believe me, I don't enjoy paying through the nose, nor can I afford to (which is mostly my wife's fault, but that's another story). But I've actually READ this bill, and it makes me sick! This ain't the way to do it.

    Keep your comments about government roads, public schools, fire stations and shit. I could write a fuckin' book on those topics, and I pretty much have on my blog. I ain't about to rehash near 700 posts in Busted's comment section.

    But before you run off and demonize me, calling me all kinds of names when you don't know a fucking thing about me, know that I'm of the same mind with a lot of y'all where huge corporations are concerned. Fuck 'em, I'm for the little guy, and support 'em when I can. But my hatred of big greedy fucks spills over to the gooberment too. That's what they are, just another huge, bloated, inefficient, greedy fucking corporation. They really are one and the same, a pair of snakes intertwined.

    Cut 'em both down to size, that's how you fix things. The rest comes from giving the assholes of the world an attitude adjustment upside the head. Live and let live, respect other peoples' property, their privacy, and Freedom.

    Help those who need it on your own account, because it's the right thing to do. It is NOT right to confiscate one's hard earned living to give it to someone else.

    That would be a damn good start...

  13. Anonymous12:15 PM

    :::sigh::::I despair, to be honest. It seems everyone is scared shitless of anything beyond business as usual. Everyone wants their little comfort zone the same even if that is part of the general state of FUBAR. I, too, began blogging in response the the Bush White House and misAdministration's behaviors. Why everyone keeps pussy-footing around the abuses that became common in those years completely confuses me. All I can figure is, America's "Empire" period is in decline and the fear-flogging sold because if all is left is trying to bully our way to the top again, a lot of folks think that is a 'noble' cause. Well, that and the idea that corporations ARE taking over management of the country and we mouthy serfs just haven't properly assimilated the message?

  14. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Blah Blah Blah,fuck this,fuck that. America is broke,go ahead with "free" health care,it doesn't matter.America is ruined.The government is bankrupt. Things are not going to get better in America.You guys need to wake up.

  15. Anon, and most of you who HATE America, y'all should move to Texas, they want to secede!

    And dawg help them and you to survive without the sucking of the govt tit that state's been livin off of for so long.


    I'll help ya pack, too.

  16. Mayberry, seein's how you invoked MY name, I'm respondin.

    1) You got yer's? Fine! What are you LOSING or having to spend to help others, cuz of gubbermint?

    2) What rights are you losing due to liberal, progressive and human and humane ideals to care for others?

    3) Will you pledge to give up your Social Security and Medicare when you need them?

    4) So, if you've read the bill, (uh, WHICH fuckin bill, hoss?) and you have objections to it or them, could you please list the url for the bill, and then be detailed WRT page, paragraph and line that you object to? And maybe, WHY you fuckin object?

    I've been to yer site. Yer a survivalist. Fine.

    Some folks just aren't cut out for the social scene, although most humans are inherently social beings by instinct, and want to commune AND communicate.

    Know why? It's a survival thing!!! YES! Since we went from hunter/gatherer to agrarian!!!! You wanna turn the clock back on thousands and thousands of years of history and evolution?

    Killin me.

    Society, community. Banding, joining, and being together to ensure survival and improve quality of life!!!!

    Yer a loner? Fine! Be alone!

    Texas is gonna secede, all 500 of them. I'll help you pack.


  17. Oh, and Busted? Nice post, again, hoss.

    I'm with yas.

    Regulation of private sector.

    Increased services to the masses to spur and inspire jobs and personal and national growth.

    Liv, dem, prog.

    Cuz we fuckin care.

    A blessing to see you tee off on it all! *G*

  18. And to some new folks using NAMES who have replied in this forum, nice to meetcha! *G*

    Glad to know yer out there! *waves*

  19. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Wah, wah Fucking wah. This is a generational problem people. In this I want it now society, our patience virtue has been tossed two generations ago. People today would be hard pressed to piss on someone it they were on fire. How about we as a collective do one fucking unselfish positive thing a day and see what happens in ten, twenty or thirty years. I know that BK uses this forum to shout at the moon his frustrations about current shit. I also know that he practices the above on a daily basis. Can the same be said for all those who comment here. I know that this sounds like kumbyah shit here but in reality it's about being a decent human being. I suggest all you wordsmiths out there continue to voice your frustration but also turn on some gray matter as to some solutions and submitting them also. For fucks sake we've been to the moon. I read allot of smart commentators here and yet fault are aplenty and solutions are few. A smarter man than me once said when you point your finger at someone or thing there's 4 pointing straight back at you.


  20. You make a lot of assumptions when you say that the commentors here don't walk the walk, so to speak. Unfortunately, it is not a lack of the charity of individuals that is sinking this country. It is, among other things, the concept that corporations qualify for Bill of Rights privileges and transcend the rights of actual individuals. So, the rights to pursuit of happiness of a bunch of u/i stockholders trumps Joe Schmoe's need for health care, or his right to his own tiny piece of property in some cases. It is a bit like telling people to only flush the toliet once a day to solve a water crisis...while ignoring huge corporations bottling and selling PUBLIC waters for a huge private profit.

  21. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I don't make assumptions of anyone, I only make to point that the answers to our posing questions begin with us and spread out from there. I agree 100% with you that the whole greed is good and right is the most damaging Idea that has ever be injected into society. I only urge to press the fuck on and not give up on the idea that we as individuals can make a difference.


  22. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I can certainly agree with the "push the fuck on" sentiment. We Kantian existentialist sorts wouldn't have it any other way!

  23. I love ya, Busted.

    You've spoken for me too.

    If only things would change (for the better).


    Dump the trolls!

  24. Busted's Bro, what the fuck IS it that you believe in?

    Please, a point or two?

    Hell, yer damned bro spelled out HIS points.

    Least ya could do, ya know?


  25. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Larue, love ya dude, What I believe is medical care is a right not a privilege. I believe that the have's have a responsibility to the have nots. Due to the fact that all those fuckers that earned a bazzillion dollars made it off the backs of working poor and Reaganomics and trickle down which is the main talking point of the right doesn't work and will never work because of the greedy fuckers that reside at the top are to concerned with shitting in there golden toilets. People are smart generally but the unorganized masses are dumb as rocks. My hope is that the medium of the web will correct that. Or not.


  26. Bored and stroked, eh? How about some lakes plugs to go with that kit?

    You're a bad liberal, you know that, don't you? I mean painted flat black, lowered, and flamed bad.

  27. Yup, health care is a right. I remember it from my government school education. It is in the declaration of independence-
    "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are health care, life, liberty and some other shit that no one can remember.
    Yeah, that's it.