Sunday, August 16, 2009

So, What The Fuck?

Everybody is bitching about Obama and that little fuck Rahm Emanuel being from Chicago.

Chicago politics, I keep hearing.
Kiss my ass.
Pussy motherfuckers are Kowtowing to the monied interests of the right wing every time I turn around, follow the fucking money.

Jesus Fucking Christ, Newt Gingrich?
Give me a fucking break, Shut.The.Fuck.Up.


"Scuze me while I go puke.
What else do they have, Inhofe?
There are less than fifty fucked up individuals who are completely fucking derailing the Health Care Reform that is so desperately needed in this country because you fucking morons won't get your head out of your asses and stand up for yerselves. WTF?
Big Money gonna blackmail ya Teddy Bears?
Apparently so. It's the fucking money you are afraid of.

President, Of The United States Of America, don't make me repeat myself.

Say No, and dare them.


Y'all pussy motherfuckers are pissing me off for the simple reason that you don't seem to understand that you can control the fucking media, even if ya don't own a single share of stock in Rupert Murdoch's fucking empire.

President of the United Motherfucking States of America?
Say what?
You should hire Driftglass, he knows how that shit works, after all, he has been dealing with the Daley's as long as you have.

I heard yous guy's was from Chicago.
Ya don't remember how that is supposed to work?

Quit fucking around with these socially retarded cocksuckers and play some hardball.

Ya have what is called a Majority.

Basic Fucking Math.
Get the Stick and start swinging, you are wasting OUR time talking to these idiots.
What the fuck?

If I hear the phrase BiPartisan come out of your mouth one more fucking time,I am going to come unglued.

Get a fucking clue.
These people would run over yer fucking dog to keep you from passing anything, even if you wanted to give them a million dollars each just to go away.

They don't care.
All they want to do is stop anything except their agenda.


I am sick and fucking tired of this Kabuki.

Step up to the fucking plate and swing away Goddammit.

Swing for the fences and be done with it.

Fuck them.

Death Panels, Jesus Fucking Christ, you let them run that through the media assholes?

Who the FUCK is in charge of your P.R.?

Someone needs to get their head out of their ass and start "Catapulting The Propaganda".

Did none of ya pay attention the last eight fucking years?


  1. It appears they are going to give in to these sonsofbitches.

  2. As much as I heart Drifty and yourself for your steely, 20/20 staredowns, I have to buck at the Chicago WayS shit.

    At root, the "Chicago Way" is a study in practicality. Whether Sean Connery or Da Boss hisself, Giving to get, giving as good as you got PLUS ONE, had a goal line that served da peoples of da city.

    It wasn't impolite or improper to stridently point out to the yokels in Springfield that Chicago was the powerplant that created and SHARED its awesomeness with those less fortunate.

    Dat's what woiked about Chicago, but the pissant little fuckers downstate weren't satisfied with the arrangement. They didn't dare push the issue with Sean or Richard da foirst.

    Since then? Not so much. So in the final analysis, the REAL Chicago way is about there only being ONE Boss who calls the shots.

  3. Busted,

    I think you give the fuckedup republicans too much credit. The democrat majority is just concerned about keeping their jobs. The latest Rasmussen poll shows the American people DO NOT WANT socialist health care, as per Obama. (Look here: )

    Of course I think the democrat majority will deliver "something" to make you happy, but I don't think you will be better off with it, as they FUCK UP everything that they touch.

    Make it a great day!

  4. That Rasmussen poll is pure bullshit.

    "Obamacare" is polling badly at this point because, as Busted points out, the Obama administration is too busy playing footsie with the Republicans to, A, put together a good plan and, B, to sell the shit out of whatever plan they have.

    The Democrats have laid down -- once again -- and the Republicans are more than happy to take the ball and run with it.

    This whole thing is pissing me off no end.

  5. Well get off ya lazy butts and tell your congresscritters what ya think. But don't forget to clean it up before ya do.

  6. Anonymous4:20 PM

    ALL of them are BOUGHT AND PAID FOR.
    We are S.O.L.
    (bustedknuckles knows what that means, I'll bet.)

  7. Anyone have a look at "milton f"s profile?

    milton f

    * Gender: Male

    About Me

    Loving husband of a wife that I don't deserve, father to three children who exceed my expectations, and a student that recognizes there is much more to learn than I will ever know.

    * History
    * The Bible
    * Economics
    * Americanism
    * Liberty
    * Agriculture and home-made meals

    Favorite Movies

    * The Patriot
    * The Matrix
    * Apocalypse Now

    Favorite Books

    * The Joy of Cooking

    BWA-HA-HA-HA...Sorry milt, adults only here, ya fucking DINK.

    We Democratic voters DO have guns - LOTS OF EM. The PROBLEM is that our "leaders" guns are aimed squarely at thier feet and they keep fucking shooting themselves and US in the goddamned foot. Obama (and most of the news crews) seems to have forgotten that the legislative is a CO-EQUAL part of this fucked up gubmint, and it is great to hear it SHOUTING OUT LOUD.


  8. Anonymous7:53 PM

    LOL! Well said.