Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whattya Do?

I been busting my ass at work lately, try to take care of some personal shit and a few neighbors after that and then fall down to get up and do it again.
I also have my oldest buddy getting a good dose of the current foreclosure wave and am trying to hook him up with another good friend so he can get a truck, even though he has no clue of where he is going to wind up at yet.

I got off work today and stopped and had a fucking cocktail to relax for a few minutes and then came home and started digging up one of the garden spots because it was actually nice out.
I probably dug up a bout a pound of little red potatoes and a couple of Russets, not to mention a couple of fifty pound boulders and a buttload of fist sized rocks.
All these potatoes are volunteers from the guy that moved out from the garden he had two years ago, he didn't do shit in the garden last year and I have enough of them sprouting that I was digging them up to replant when a bunch of the rowdier neighbors showed up looking for a drink and some Neighborly love,yay team.

Just to top it off, I got drunk called by a sister duo I have known forever and that was really interesting...

Never a dull moment, I don't have time to rant and rave anymore, I can't even keep up with the fucking news, let alone cruise my favorite sites.
This POS antique laptop is trying to take a shit, I am having a lot of problems with the keyboard and if I don't cough up a bunch of dough tomorrow, my internet connection is going bye bye.
All in good time, I will pay that tomorrow.

I guess it doesn't matter, We The People ,are still taking it up the ass and I am damn happy I have potatoes coming up that I didn't even plant.
There were a bunch of them sprouting so I dug a few holes and replanted about ten of 'em before I got interrupted.

I'm trying here....

Thanks for stopping by.


I gave Verizon their filthy lucre so if I can keep that piece of shit laptop going I will still be posting, how often I can't say, my muse is a drunken bitch.


  1. Keep on chuggin' dude.

  2. i sure hope you don't stop posting. i'd miss you terribly.

  3. BK, you're not alone in that sinkhole. Believe me, you have lots of company.

    Keep swinging the hammer as long as you can. Your voice is too important to be shut down.

  4. gotta love plants that just say "Hey...I'm here... How do ya like me so far!"

  5. Huh, MY muse is a drunken fuck of a doode.

    Go figger.

    Muse on, hoss.

    I'm not really sure what to praise, and what to pray, for.

    I'll bet, you know, and don't need my help.

    So, joke em if they can't take a fuck.

    And roll on hoss . . . we're here for ya. Sorta. If yer there. Kinda. You betcha.