Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Achin' Ass!

A two day run away drunk,Waking up on a couch some fucking place , The laptop telling me, FUCK YOU DUDE, and what the fuck ever.
My friend Suzanne drove over and we had a good time Just sitting and bullshitting, it was nice.
We went and had some Chinese food and just plain had a good time, she is the shit.
Can you say comfortable?
That shit is far and few between.

OK, the POS had some kind of issue and It just locked up.
My bad, I downloaded some fucking Anti Virus shit and it killed the memory limit.
Then I went on a fucking tear for two fucking days and low and behold, no update.

From what I hear, I can be expecting death threats from a certain little hotties boyfriend,
when he gets out of jail.

I danced all by myself for an hour like no one was looking, then I snagged another little hottie out on the sidewalk and went to town with the nasty dancing and the sweetie actually told me that I had it going on!Sweet little thing.

I know how to have a good time!

Nothing like that kind of shit to make an old man look forward to waking up one more time.

All that shit and more than I can remember, because I can't.
Oh yeah, I went and got the Mountain Man face cleaned off, I actually look like your average, everyday, Ornery Fucking Bastard.
It was pretty much out of control and Yippeee Kay Yay!
Lock up yer womens.

The Strawberies are blooming.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. almost didn't recognize ya dood (lmao)

    twas good chinese food and great forking conversation with ya dood.

  2. XO,
    Yer a darlin' honey.




  4. Ya know, at yer age it's time to admit the young one's will run ya to the ground and likely take everything ya got, what little ya seem to claim to have, and then kill ya.

    Yer a dead man walkin, hoss . . . but yer gonna go out on yer own terms . . . . I guess that's important, huh?

    Ya wanna die in yer 50's. or see yer kids and grand kids grow up a bit more and die in yer 80's?


  5. Oh, I screwed up, I wanted to end my thought with,

    "That's The Deal".


  6. Young folks like you kicking up their heels really pisses me the fuck off.


  7. I love you, man!

  8. Ah piss on Larue... Life wa smeant to be enjoyed, so enjoy it! I'd rather die young and happy than old and miserable....

  9. Till ya get old, you don't know happy OR miserable.

    I'm neither, old, nor miserable. *G*

    And apparently, Busted don't think he is, either. ;-)