Thursday, April 02, 2009

Updates From A White Trash Trailer Park Near You.

Another day of fun and games.

I found the bed, after putting away a small truckload of clothes and things that needed to be herded that way while moving.
You know, important stuff like three bricks of .22 shells, a new scope, two gun cleaning kits, with new brushes for the appropriate calibers,six boxes of .22 shorts, extra gun oil,a box of .30 .30 shells, extra cleaning patches and an alarm clock.
I'll be damned if I know where I am going to put all my socks now......

I dug out some clean bedding and made the bed and then went out and dumped a bunch of the boxes of garden dirt my Uncle had brought over, in between down pours.
I wasn't real happy after I dumped the third , fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh box, only to find out someone had used large styrofoam packing peanuts to fill in the grates in the bottom of the milk cartons to keep the dirt from falling through and then dumped over a couple more that had large pieces of broken plastic, nuts and bolts,screws, the cellophane wrappers off of cigarette packs and quite a bit of other garbage. It started raining again so I just left it where I dumped it.
I am going to have to wait until it all dries out to go picking through it all.

In the mean time, one of the neighbors had found a forty foot long fifth wheel and were unhooking the old one to move it in.
I don't know how they found it but they told me the guy wanted fifteen thousand bucks for it and they talked him down to ten.
Quite the deal.

The thing is, it is forty feet long, has some slide outs, but has a FOURTEEN FOOT GARAGE IN THE BACK!!


So the actual living space is not so big, but a built in garage?!!

I could deal with that.

I helped them unhook and move the old one, they parked it in the empty space where the Rat Hole used to be and then went and helped the guy back the new one all the way through the park, just like they had to do with mine.

This guy, I have to say, knew what the hell he was doing.
One shot to get it in the spot and one pull ahead to reposition it to fit where all the hook ups are, done.
That is pretty impressive.

So after all that excitement, I decided to take a nap.
I woke up at three thirty in the fucking morning last night for some reason and couldn't go back to sleep.
I finally got up and surfed the internet until six thirty, as it was getting light out.
Par for the course, the damn phone woke me up at nine thirty, just when I was snoozing hard.
I don't think I ever really got to 100% all day.

So I climb up in the front, ducking my head, and fall down on the bed just made, to take a snooze.

Laugh My Ass Off, if my fucking feet don't hang off the end of the bed.

This is going to be interesting.

Apparently this thing was designed for people under five foot seven, such a deal.
Seeings how I am just about six feet tall, this is a small problem.
I am every bit as long as this bed and then some.
I will deal with this in my usual, efficient, way.

There is a shelf at the head of the bed about six inches high and eight inches deep.
That is going to get stuffed with massive amounts of pillows, effectively lengthening the sleeping space.
I have to sleep with my head elevated anyway, something about Adenoids, my head plugs up and I can't breathe, been that way since I was a little kid.

So, the adventure continues, never a dull moment.

Oh yeah, I kept smelling gas, so did my buddy.
It finally dawned on me to open the damn door and then open the oven and light the pilot light in the bottom.
Details, details.


Crack my ass up!

Just for shits and grins I was checking my stats just now and found this.

Yo no habla Espanol Italiano but it cracked me up to see I was at the top of a search engine list in a foreign language!


  1. omg Busted you are a star!! Thanks for making me spew my well deserved beer all over the laptop...nice touch!

  2. it just aint right when ya crawl into bed and your feet hang off the end

  3. Wish I could send ya a song Busted, "The Ballad of White Trash Charlie" by John D. Hale, heh heh heh...

    "Oh Charlie, Charlie
    What have ya done so wrong?
    Oh Charlie, Charlie
    Got rocks for a lawn.
    Oh Charlie, Charlie
    Here comes a tornado,
    Better get the tires up on the roof,
    Or you'll lose yer happy home!"

  4. Me 'n Mrs. G are going to an RV show down in Reno next week to look at 'toy haulers' which are travel trailers with a garage in back. Just lookin'.

    The Italians are looking for good FIAT mechanics who will honor the White House warranty program...

    Be afraid, 'Nucks, be very afraid...8)

  5. busted--
    just lay diagonal.