Saturday, April 04, 2009

An Army Of Cough, Cough Cough.

Go see my Buddy Joe. Sure enough, this will piss ya off if you have been paying attention to the assholes giving our troops contaminated water to drink, electrocuting them while they are trying to cool off in the fucking shower, giving them substandard body armor and forbidding them to buy or be sent anything better.

Is it just me or does anyone else just want to kick somebody in the fucking nuts?


  1. I'm with YOU, BN! Let's take your FORD and go around collecting up a load of rabble and make some fucking noise in front of somebody's bank or recruiting office! Near as I can figure they are both the same corrupt outfit!

  2. Fred Meyer has a sale on pitchforks, we can make our own torches. Let's meet at the headquarters of the WA state GOP. That's as good a place as any.

    Bring your friends!

  3. Nope, not just you dear

  4. The problem with a pitchfork and torch is you can't really get a good stab in one handed ... which is why I've been developing an item out in the back shed I call the TORCHFORK. Hollow Inconel tines and our proprietary diesel/gas mixture will get your rabble roused and ready to overthrow any repressive regime!

  5. Shit like this is one reason why I left the Navy.

  6. Count me in.

    Is it BYOP (bring your own pitchfork)?

    Don't think I can afford a Torchfork, although I doooo want one.



  7. Hoss, it's a long ways to fix the crap yer talkin about.

    A long, long ways.

    From the gubbermint to the VA.

    And from our policies to our end treatments or our soldiers.

    And yeah, our soldiers and men and women who serve are gettin screwed.

    Just look at the incidence of deaths committed by our soldiers upon their spouses and families once they've come back.

    I don't see this Nation caring for our soldiers.

    No more than this nation cares for the masses.

    -'Kin Harumph

    (and an honor to post in here, thanks)

  8. Larry - I like that. You can stab em and burn em at the same time. $19.99 plus shipping and handeling right? Put me down for two.