Monday, April 27, 2009

It's That Time Again

Because I have been a Judas Priest fan for thirty years now,


The Grumpy Old Woman Cat is having a fit!
She is rubbing her face all over my keyboard where the speakers are and trying to chew on the damn cables!

Who knew?
I have a Head Banger Kitty!!


  1. or a music critic. lmao

    good tunnage dood

  2. My Idea Of Headbanging Metal:

    I HATE Ted Nugent to this day, but Amboy Dukes were teh bitchen, then.

    And, Roky Erikson still rawhks . .

    Damn I feel old, even I was only a young teen then.

    Course, THIS was pounding hard back then in my transistorized ears:

    Ever heard Top Petty's cover of it?

    N that's yer teenaged dope fueled head banging flashback for tonite. *G*

  3. And ya know, I'd be remiss not to reveal my headbangin more recent proclivity's.

    Such as THIS classic live show where The Pogues of all people, have Joe Strummer on stage and they go apeshit all OVER London's Calling. Yeah, I like loud music sometimes . . *G*

    You'd like the former leader of The Pogues, Shane McGowan . . . he lived, and lives, rough and tough.

    Here's a classic of theirs, that's the folk side of the band:

    Here's their Wiki:

    McGowan, he's a treat. I know the folk Brit ain't yer thing, but he's a character and a legend. *G*

  4. More into AC/DC myself as far as head banging goes.

  5. Ahhhh ya kids . . . . . never recall where yer roots musics came from . . .

    Headbanging got lost amonst the quality of the music.

    And then, there was only the loud, the mean, the hate, and the anger.

    Before you, there was protest music that required reasoned and rational insanity of protest to fuck with the man.

    Then, the music got mean, ugly and rude.

    And then everyone became a target in yer sights, cuz somehow, you were better. Or abused.

    Sigh, protest and political anarchy used to be SUCH a more gentlemanly thang . . .


  6. Demeur, I meant the music got ugly, my points after that were NOT about YOU, but about the music, and I didn't make that clear, my bad . . .

    I said you, I shoulda been sayin THEY, targeted everyone to make them mad, bad, and ugly.

    Nugent comes to mind . . . never mind the many Aryan bands, and skinhead groups speaking for death to all.

    And frankly, the whole Goth Thing, is just pure theatre works, even when it's played out like Columbine.

    That's just some sick shit of people who can't deal with their sitch . . . . and dealing with yer sitch is what it's all about.

    As Busted's buddy Driftglass suggested, you want some fucked up shit to learn from or deal with?

    Read this:

    That should straighten out some of the shit in people's lives . . . . .