Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time Out

I had to go to my Granddaughters fourth birthday party tonight.
I am busy recalibrating my cute meter, it pegged and bent the needle.
Back tomorrow.


  1. Grandkids are the absolute cutest things in the world.
    They do the cutest things and drive their parents nuts, which is great 'cause as grandparents we can sit back and chuckle and say "it's your turn now."
    Revenge is so sweet.

  2. I'll never be a grandparent but I'm the best damn uncle on the planet. This weekend 'Unka Day' (my grandniece's name for me) is going home to eastern WA for the opening of fishing season. Spending a few hours on Conconully Lake then a few more hours smoking about 50 rainbow, that's my weekend. Oh that and eating my weight in homemade bread, cinnamon rolls, salami (mine) and a feast of a thousand salads.

    You're all welcome to attend.

    My niece has a vid if you want to see her a couple of years ago. It was this time of year so the garden was just getting started. I'm the fat guy tending the BBQ in the back.

  3. She's a cute kid David.

    You have a good weekend fishin' my friend.

  4. I love what a softie you can be.