Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Official

I have way too much crap.

I spent the better part of the day trying to put stuff away and I was completely foiled.
I still have the back of my old truck full of shit and there is no damn way all that is coming in here, there ain't anywhere to put it!.
Tomorrow, I am backing a pickup right in front of the door and shit is going to start flying.
Look out kitties.
I have more damn clothes than a man should be allowed to own legally.

That is going to change.
I still have no clue where to put all my cookware, my friend Suzanne is coming to kick me in the ass and show me how it is done.
God Bless Her Heart, I tried to call her and disabuse her of the notion but she will not be deterred.

The thing is, I don't buy clothes, I get 'em for free all the time because apparently all these women folk think I am destitute because everything I own looks like it has been through a war.
Grease on everything, ripped, torn and abused.

I am a mechanic.

Shit happens.

HMMM, it will take her a while to get here, that gives me some time to get my ass to the laundromat and clean out the cat box.
Little fuckers shit more than they eat, I swear to God.

I am currently incinerating some dead chicken parts on the gas grill the guy left behind.
Now I see why he left it.
I don't think the flames are supposed to come up behind the control knobs, what a fucking disaster.
I think I have it under control but there are a couple of thighs that I don't even think the cats are going to want.

I shoulda stuck with the old charcoal sumbitch, it works as advertised.

What the hell, I have gloves and pliers, just cook the dead chicken parts without blowing the place up and I will be happy.

If not, Kentucky Fried Dead Chicken Parts is right around the corner.


  1. i'm stubborn busted - just ask my girls (or either of my ex's)

  2. Holy shit, if Suz is comin to yer place, yer phooked.

    She'll have purple curtains, frilly doily's on the table, and YOU all shaved and skunked up.

    You'll never recognize yer laundry, either.

    Couldn't happen to a better curmudgeon.


    Spank his ass, Suz . . . bein a wrench is no excuse for bein disorganized. LOLOLOLOL

    And his cats will thank you for it, too . . ;-)

  3. larue, i don't do frilly

  4. Jaysus Larue!
    She just left and I will be damned if I know what the fuck a Doily is for!

    A wonderful lady, I am SO in her debt.