Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just A Quick Tip

In these trying economic times, record numbers of people are opting to drive without car insurance, that can be understandable, to a point.
The other thing that no one thinks about is having to put tabs on your car on a regular basis.
I have seen a serious uptick in current year tabs on our equipment come up missing.
Here is how to cure that.
When you put the new tabs on your plates, take a razor or a sharp knife and cut an X across the tab.
Then they can't just peel it off and put it on their car without considerable difficulty.

Cross posted at Fixer and Gordons.


  1. good tip busted - i took many a theft report of either stolen tabs or stolen plates.

    the ca tabs now come with that x built into them to deter tab theft.

  2. They need that X up here in WA. A few years ago, I was stopped for not having a tab. Someone had stolen it, of course. Since then, I've followed that officer's advice and scraped the old tabs off before putting the new ones on.

  3. Good idea, Busted.

    Thanks for the tip.

  4. Good tip Busted I will definitely do that.

  5. Yup, that works.... Here in Texas, we went to window decals several years ago just for that reason.....

  6. Anonymous5:58 AM

    18 years ago, I had some a$$ wipe cut the corner of my license plate that had the tag on it - grrrr, gitcher own man! Hope a nest of fire ants found a home in his colon . . .