Monday, April 13, 2009

Tick Tock.

I don't know how to put this in a delicate way because I have been here before.

Bad things are happening down here in the trenches.

There aren't any multi million bonuses traveling through this White trash trailer park.

Back to this fucked up economy, I told ya about the kid next door. I have another guy who is a very nice guy on the other side who can't get a job and I see is having big trouble .

My Mothers Parents went through the first Depression and helped raise me, and my brother, and a whole nother family, on basically what they grew and canned out of their garden and the awesemnous of their hearts.
They had been there and done that and they knew what misery and hunger was.

Not only was I lucky enough that I learned empathy from them, I also learned how to give .

My other Grandparents reinforced that to armor plate, they also gave until it hurt and my Grandmother is still a huge influence in my life. If she was smart, she would put out a contract on my ass.
I owe her big time.

These are hard times and what was my Granny was trying to tell me when I got tired of shucking peas and peeling peaches for canning?

Two weeks from now, ya might have a nice dinner,
or as my dear departed Grandmother used to say, "it will make a turd".

How do you argue with that?

I really don't know what I am trying to say here except the shit is hitting the fan down here in this neck of the woods and I am doing what I can to help my neighbors, just like I was helped my whole entire life, and still am, and I was taught by example.
I know my family would help me in a heartbeat, I am trying to keep my shit together, most folks out there ARE the folks!
When ya give a guy a ride to work in the morning and you can here his belly rumbling but he is too proud to take a fucking banana, ya know you have found the rock bottom of this economy and you are damn right, we shall take care of those around us and those mother fuckers squealing that they have to have a multi million dollar bonus for driving their company into the ground will never get the offer of a banana for breakfast, in the face of working their fucking ass off, waiting for five o'clock ,so they can go home and wonder what the fuck they are going to have for dinner.Those fuckers will get what is coming to them in the end, even if it is death by bleeding ulcer or being run over by the high maintenance bitch in their leased Ferrari who just found out her credit card just went bye bye.

I have a real hard on for this trillion dollar give away.

I might not have much but I will be damned if I am going to watch my neighbor or his kids go hungry if I can help it.
Community is a real thing here, all for one and one for all, bring on a pot of beans and make a turd for tomorrow.

It is happening here and Wall Street can choke on their bonuses, no banana for you.


  1. my mama taught me how to scrimp and get by. those lessons have served me well, especially when i had too much month at the end of the money.

    busted, you are a good man and i am proud to call you friend.

  2. Ya just made me tear up.
    Thank ya honey

  3. It is kinda obscene to watch Wall Street get their bonuses while America takes it twixt the cheeks. They sold our asses out to a bunch of bankers. But it ain't over yet! Stay tuned! More to come!

    You can go a long ways with that feeling of community. Stick with it, but keep a gun handy.


  4. I always tell my friends "what's mine is yours" and the good thing about friends is that I don't even really have to say it! Friends understand this...that's why we call them friends in the first place!

    Good post!

  5. My parents went through the "Great Depression" and they both taught me a lot. Scrimp and save, don't just throw things away cuz ya may need 'em or somebody else may need 'em some day.

    Community, neighbors, and extended family mean a lot, they are the support group. We gotta take care of each other, cuz those Wall Street pricks and the fuckin' bankers ain't gonna help anyone but each other.

  6. True that, BK.

    Spent my whole life helping Mom and Grandma can fruits and veggies. Dad's garden always gave us more than we needed so Mom took the extra to the church so that the migrants that came up to pick the apples had food for their families. Many a Sunday I spent making beans and rice for those folks.

    It's not just charity, it's humanity. It's what we do. Real people give. We know that our communities need all of us and when one family is down on their luck, we are all diminished. It's the story of Stone Soup.

    If you can't conceive of this kind of generosity then you are a void, a vacant shell devoid of all life. I place a lot of the Right Wing (bankers, talk radio asses, teabaggers, etc.) in this box.

    Those fuckers would sooner shoot a brown man than look at him. Giving a family food for free is counter to their small view of the world. If you ain't got the dime, they ain't got the time. Fuck you.

    So, it's up to us. The economy really doesn't care what color you are so neither should our charity. It's what we do.

    Thanks, BK. Your example is gospel to us all.

  7. Busted, in your gruff, yet eloquent way, you just summed up what America is all about. When I was a kid, Old Lady Vannoy used to keep a huge pot of red beans and rice (YUM!!!!) on the stove at all times. Anyone who wandered through was welcome to a bowl. That's called community. That's called friendship. That's called America. Keep on keepin' on my friend, you know what it's all about! Bless ya brother.....

  8. Gawd are an eloquent man. You speak from the heart of a true american. Your posts keep me grounded in the knowledge that what I do and try to do actually matters.

  9. Busted,

    Wish I could get your truth-seared words and reader responses printed on the front page of The New York Times.

    Heart touching, my friend.

    They could start a movement.


  10. Hoss, shit happens.

    And then, it has to be dealt with.

    That's life, and that's how life rolls.

    How you deal with it, is a far, far greater measure of a person, than how you end up. In my humble opinion.

    Grace under pressure.

    How ever we measure it . . . .

    And it's always measured for some fucking strange reason, like love is measured . . .

    Bottom line?

    Take care of you, yours and others, as best as one can.

    That's the measure of the species, IMHO, that's teh measure of us all. How do we take care of ourselves, and each other.

    You measure up. Solid, hard and at the need.

    We all try to do so, also . . . . . but thanks for bringing it out in the open.

    We. All. Try.

    And fuck the one's who don't.