Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still kicking

It's going to be a bit before I get up to speed.

The one thing I saw  made me proud as fuck, that stupid sonofabitch jackass motherfucker in Wisconsin just shit down his leg, made a bet his ass can't cover and woke up a whole lot of working people.
 When thirty thousand people come to protest some governor in the middle of winter?

Ya done fucked up pal.

Thirty thousand people coming out to protest in Wisconsin in the middle of winter would make a rock band jealous.

Good on ya folks.


  1. Ohio and Indiana are a mite peturbed from similar GOP governor efforts.

    Apparently the GOP had a plan to launch this civil servant attack in many states.

    This is a huge assault against the masses.

    Here's hoping it's a spark that sets Hell Ablaze and takes all of them asshats to eternity soon.

    You just cant fuck all the masses all the time and get away with it . . . that shit's unsustainable and history proves it.

    Go Wisconsin! Home Of Collective Bargaining! 1959! First state!

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  3. Have you ever worked in public service? I have and recently again do. It is undeniable that 1 in 3 public employees has a useless do nothing job that is a drain on resources. Hate to see anyone lose their job but quite a few people probably could be canned (almost spelled caned) without any real difference in service levels.

  4. This is an assault on the unions that contribute to Democrats.

  5. Republican politicians described my state pension (NH) as "collapsed," even though it's taking in more money than it's paying out.

    Just an attempt to break promises to the workers.

  6. Never been in a Union, won't be in a Union. That said, without Unions we would all be slaves to the GOP type masters. Change is coming...

  7. The GOP (and there are plenty of Democrats I'm not too fond of either)are going after the internet through deregulation, by giving Corporations like Verizon, Comcast, AT&T etc. the freedom to block (either block outright or charge much more) access to sites like Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon etc. that eat into their cable profits. Even worse, since Corporations & The GOP are in bed with each other you can bet your ass that this also an attempt of squashing Democracy by trying to stop information of their corruption from spreading like wildfire like it is now. This is not The America I grew up it.

    This nothing more than Corporate shakedown on the American People by the GOP are their accomplice­ses. I wonder how big the bribe... opps....I mean campaign donations these GOP Leaders were promised to help interfere with The American Peoples unfettered access to the internet. If this goes into effect You can count on having the Democratic­, Progressive, Animal Rights, Environmen­tal websites either being blocked or customers will be paying much more to be able to access them. GOP & Corporatio­ns - A perfect Union. Free Country? Not any more.

    Honestly, I don't even recognize this country anymore. She's America in name only. Where are the patriots who will fight for her? The lights have gone out inside The Shining Beacon On The Hill and her people are being oppressed. We have been defeated from within. Americana'­s enemies are not foreign nations but other Americans albiet, a new breed of Americans. And before you get to believe that -Just my opinion-

  8. Patty...I've been fighting the fight for my whole life. Just wish there were more...

  9. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Oh yeah, and the teachers can't spell...nice!

  10. *Spud* Bless you. Exhausting isn't it?

  11. I posted something about Wisconsin today and linked to Ann Althouse (she was prominently featured in my post).

    Take a gander at some of the stupid, hateful, ignorant and racist comments I've attracted in turn then take a gander at my responses.

    And, Bartender Cabbie, you're still a bleeding asshole.

  12. Unlike the bleeding asshole above who merely pretends to have worked in a public sector job, I *have* worked in a public sector job. We were underpaid, overworked, understaffed, expected to make do with less, had new requirements shoved onto us due to new federal regulations every year. Despite that, we got shit done and did what the public paid us to do, for far less money than if our jobs had been contracted out to the private sector.

    Sort of like the DMV. Every time I go in to the DMV, the workers are professional, they do their jobs competently, they get me fixed up and out of there without undue fuss and muss. Why the difference between my experience at the DMV and the experience of right-wing assholes at the DMV? Well, simple. The right-wing assholes are ASSHOLES. And if you treat a DMV employee like shit, like these right-wing assholes do, they'll treat *you* like shit too -- they'll lose your paperwork, require you to leave and go get stuff certified, or simply disappear into a backroom somewhere and leave you standing there while they take a long-overdue coffee break. That's why right-wing assholes are always complaining about the DMV... because DMV workers deal with hundreds of people every day, they're doing a thankless job that has to be done, and they just don't have the time of day for assholes. You go in there with an attitude, you get one back. It's that simple.

    But right-wing assholes never get the point that the problem is *them*, not the DMV. You'd think that they'd get a clue, but such a sense of unwarranted entitlement seems to preclude such a clue...

    In any event, I'm making five times more money now in the private sector than I made as a government employee, and work probably only 2/3rds the hours. And I don't have to deal with assholes like the asshole above who claims all employees are useless shits, 'cause see, private businesses can just tell assholes to get the fuck out of their shop and don't come back, we didn't have that luxury in public service. So it goes...

    - Badtux the Industrious Penguin

  13. worked in post office(medical retirement) after left the Army-12 years, with disability.then the 2000 census for 10 months then after a job where the owners simply closed down the plant I went to work for state unemployment office-until permanent layoff due to closure of all unemployment offices.
    So I have worked for both private companies and both state and federal govt. IMPO the benefits that my wife got working for Ford(until they moved her plant to Mexico)were much better than what I had working for the PO.I worked as a part time employee(PO) for 7 years(2 hrs guaranteed a day, only one day off per week, hrs and days off changed every week, usually got between 40-60 hrs a week, but once in a while got only 12 hrs for 1 week) before I got a full time job. The hours were long, midnite shift is when all the mail comes in so worked midnites for 15 years, then worked as dock expiditer for 3 years on evening shift. Best year I ever had I worked 12 hrs a day, 7 days a week for 12 months. Made $68,000(time and a half over 8 hrs, double time over 10. time and a half for working 8 hrs on first day off, double time over 8.all double time on second day off. All holidays got time and a half, Christmas day brought double time)All because of union..(because of hiring freeze)
    the hours were better as were the days off-after hired in full time got split days off for most of the years I was there. Finally got a Sat/sun days off after 15 years, then when I was retired they changed the days off to fri/sat. All jobs days off were changed so that no one got a Sat/Sun off. Without the union I would have been fired more than once-hearings proved me right and boss wrong both times.
    Yes, there were a very few employees who were simply there, not doing any work(one of whom retired when he discovered that a really good supervisor was coming to our shift, he retired rather than having her stand over him making him work)but most of us worked our asses off to ensure that we got the job done right and on time and to make sure that the mail was delivered on time.
    Don't blame the workers for the long lines at the post office, put your blame on the bosses who decide how many people work the counter and how many are sent to do other jobs.
    Public servents are, for the most part, that. I worked damn hard to serve the public. To make sure that everyone got their mail as soon a as I could get it to them. This is still true for postal employees.
    The PO went on strike back in the early 70s. Reason I remember is that my Army pay went way up(almost doubled my monthly pay) when the PO finally settled their contract When public employees do strike they have a damn good reason, like in the 70s when a postal worker was paid so little that many were on food stamps