Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do They Not Still Make Yardarms?

If they don't, they need to back order some because we used to hang mother fuckers like this off of them on the spot.

U.S. forces responding to gunfire on a pirated American yacht found all four U.S. citizens dead on board, U.S. Central Command said in a statement Tuesday. Two pirates were killed and 13 others detained by U.S. forces who boarded the vessel off the coast of Somalia, authorities said.

LA Times, 15 minutes ago. 

As I recall, that is one of the reasons we started a Navy in the first place.

These Somalians have been blowing snot at the whole world the past few years and I think a good dose of Rat Killer is called for.

Use up some of that old ordinance, with out abandon.

If there was ever some sonsabitches that could use a good carpet bombing, let me nominate these cocksuckers.


  1. Total agreement here. Every Navy over there has been way to easy on these asshats. HOWEVER, the people on the boat deserve some of the blame. I mean, come on now, the world has been flooded with stories of ships being hijacked in this area. Then we have wars and threats of wars along with terrorists. Did these people pay no attention to the news? Or did they think that they were immune from all attacks because they were merican civs?
    No, I am not blaming the victims-I don't think-but I am blaming their lack of intelligence for simply being in that very very dangerous area to begin with

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Coupla A-10 Warthogs would do pretty well against those sonsabitches, but I doubt it would do any good. Those pirates have no respect for life, including their own.

  3. Anonymous11:17 AM

    a nice nuke delivered by tomahawk into the harbor be a nice response.

    would cut down on the population of pirates nicely..

    whom be first?


  4. I'd bet my asshat that there is more to this story than is being told.

    My guess?

    Coverup of naval incompetence (butchered rescue attempt), resulting in the execution of the prisoners.

    It might be interesting to see what evolves in this story . . . and yes, this is a tragic and horrific loss of civvie lives, 4 people sailing the world in their golden years . . . murdered.

  5. Eh, you folks DO know there are more than 600 people being held captive by The Pirates? Some have been held for 2 years and more?

    Would you folks nuke/bomb/invade pirate ships or Somali homelands and put those captives at risk

    They are spread out, not in any one location . . . no way to rescue them all in any ops, covert or not.

    So, there's THAT to think about, before ya advocate blowing shit up, either out in the waters or on the land . . . . (shakes his head at uninformed)

  6. Anonymous11:56 AM

    yup - time to smoke them


  7. Anon, way above, is right: Warthogs can't land on a carrier, but they sure as shit could take off from one and land in Djibouti with dirty gun barrels and no ordnance. Or just take off from Djibouti in the first place. Shit, a coupla old WWII F4U5A Corsairs could do the job just fine.

    There's another good reason for yardarms - when the sun is over the yardarm, it's time to drink! I useta have a moveable one in my yard so the sun was always over it.

  8. "U.S. forces moved in when a rocket-propelled grenade was fired by pirates from the Quest at a U.S. Navy ship 600 yards away, officials said."

    RPG goes off, Navy moved in and the pirates shot the Americans.

    Trailing less than 600 yards? Ya think a fucking destroyer at 600 yards wouldn't spook pirates on a sailing yacht?

    This smells of 'fuckup' from the getgo.


  9. We should advertise to dumb shit filthy fucking rich American fat cat Bible thumpers. That some places are not very safe to try and convert the masses.

    Just try and walk into a Harley biker bar talking trash bout Hogs.

    Same difference...

    Being the stinking cops of the world has brought us all this fine mess, can't kill all the bad guys. There would be know one left....