Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What's That Ya Say?

I swear, this cat sounds like it is talking, it is certainly pissed off too.

The lady talking sounds to be eastern European or possibly Russian but that cat is talking a universal language, quit fucking with me!

Fuckin' hilarious and the demon eyes just make it all that much better.

H/T Lolcats.


  1. Holy crap...give the beast the meow mix

  2. That's frightening! I can almost make out words!

    At first I thought it's just a hair ball coming out the wrong end, but . . . . wow.

  3. Translation: "Motherfuckers! Goddamn hairless apes...feed me NOW! You have to sleep sometime, you bastards. I'll fucking gnaw on your goddamn livers if you don't quit playing the fuck around.

    And keep that goddamn rug rat of yours off my ass. I'll piss on his goddamn head the next time he tries to pick my ass up!"

    that is one angry kitty.