Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Riding The Storm Out

Fucking weather. It's supposed to snow like a bitch around here in the next day or two, get down to 17 fucking degrees and then be all butterflies and honeysuckle.

I bailed out of the Weasel den, told my guy that has been living in a fucking shed and taking care of my cat to move his ass in so he doesn't freeze to fucking death, made sure there was propane, groceries, some beer and smokes and bailed the hell out to come see the sweetie and make sure everything is OK here.
 I drove through two snow squalls, a hail storm and sleet for twenty miles.

What ever is supposed to hit the Weasel Den should be three times as bad here.

I made her go to the store with me so we had enough to get by with for four days at a minimum.

Riding the storm out baby's.


  1. Yeah, it's supposed to snow *HERE* tomorrow too! Here! In the Silly Cone Valley, where the *last* time it snowed was in *1976*!

    Am I excited? FUCK NO. I got enough of blizzards over my Christmas break, when I got hailed on, blown over, salted, windshield broke, post-holed thru 3 foot deep snow, and otherwise had more than enough cold nasty weather for the year...

    - Badtux the Warmth-lovin' Penguin

  2. Fucking Blogger, ate my comment twice now.
    If I was still down there, I would be out in a big parking lot doing donuts just for fun.

  3. The CHP and cops go do that at the ski area parking lots for practice. Fun to watch.

    We're ridin' out the storm right here like we do all winter every winter. We're both retired and don't have to go anywhere, plenty of supplies.

  4. Badtux, be careful. I can tell you from experience that most flatlanders ain't got a clue how to drive in snow. They'll crash into you outta ignorance and blame it on the weather instead of their own bad driving.

  5. Crap, they can't even drive here when it *rains*, nevermind ice and snow! But at slow speed, if they want to crash into me, fine, let'em. I got solid steel rock guard bars on all side of my Jeep now, it'll mess those piece of shit plastic bumpers up big-time and leave not a scratch on my Jeep. Kinda like the accident I had last year where the dude ran a red light in front of me and he had to be medevac'ed outta there, while I could have driven away if not for the fact that the steering box shaft snapped off clean where the pitman arm attaches to it... and BTW, I'm still amazed that the only tie-rod end I had to replace after that was the one at the pitman arm, these damned old-school Jeeps are crude, rough-riding, cramped, and uncomfortable, but they're *TOUGH*!

    - Badtux the Stayin'-home-this-weekend Penguin

  6. I had a young girl in a Suzuki run a stop sign and crash into my Dakota right in front of the rear wheel. Her Suzie front end busted into a million pieces all over the intersection and the car had to be towed. I had to search for the dent in my truck and I straightened it back out from the inside with my hand.