Friday, February 11, 2011

Tell Yer Friends

There be some serious fucking talent here.

I love that guitar, that thing is fucking cool.
Have some more.


  1. He sure gets my juices flowing! Yer simply amazing Busted for finding gems like him. I'm in love once again!!!!

  2. You have exquisite musical taste. I put his Walkin' Blues vid up a coupla months ago.

  3. I wouldn't want to have to tune that bitch.

  4. holy moly busted -- that sky is crying is forking sweet!

  5. Anonymous7:25 AM

    if you love the blues, check out Josh Smith. he's been playing blues since childhood, i discovered him when he was 14, he is now in his early 30s. amazing talent. his song, 32 degrees, is my absolute favorite.

    mrs. jp

  6. Nice! Thanks, Busted!

  7. Oohhh...very nice...thank you!!

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (who especially liked The Walking Blues)

  8. Larry7:22 PM

    What the fuck is that thing ... goddamn electric 12 string hybrid steel guitar? Whatever it is, he's playin the shit out of it!

    man I dunno if you do facespaces or not, but I'm at!/larry.thomas2

    all my shit is wide open if you just wanna peep it

  9. Big Dick Beaver7:24 PM

    or just you should drop by!

  10. Roy Rogers has been a slide blues legend for 3 decades now, good to see ya gettin some classy cultcha Busted!

    Check you his work with Norton Buffalo, on youtube. I got to see them about 4 times over a couple of years in mid 00's before that danged Norton went and died on us too early . . . the two of them were like brothers in music . . fine, fine stuff.

    Good to see some Roy, thanks.

  11. I saw Roy at a blues fest in San Francisco once. He was awesome.