Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Would Like To Introduce You To Someone

This is my Granddaughter, Anabelle.

She is a cute little thing and as you can imagine, at 5 years old, quite precocious as well.

She is just a little sweetie.
If you can spare the time, go vote for the guy's video, it is obvious he has some serious talent.

I'd vote for it even if it wasn't my little grandkid.

 Cute is cute and it is damn cute.

Kudos to Mr. J Lowe, a very well done video sir.

I am a baaaaaaad Grandpa, I need to go see the little darling here pretty quick, her Momma's Birthday is coming up. Beautiful woman and as sweet as apple pie.

I love her dearly and am very proud of her. She married one hell of a nice guy .
Hell, I am proud of all my kids,love all of them very much, they are all nice kids.
Good looking and polite, I must have done something right when I wasn't looking.

Good on yer Momma too, she had more to do with their up bringing than I did.

A tip of the hat to ya, Doris.


  1. Beautiful Granddaughter, Busted! I know you must be proud of her!

  2. She's cuter'n a button! That awful-lookin' interchange must be in Portland.

  3. that's a great video dood -- i voted for her and passed it on to others to see (and hopefully vote for her too)

  4. This should put a smile on every person who views it and you are a lucky guy there Busted.

    Little girls are way too cute until ---well you know.