Monday, February 21, 2011

School Is Open For You Right Wingers Who Hate Unions.

Ever really paid any attention to what Collective Bargaining is?

Do you work an eight hour day, get time and a half for working more than eight hours a day?

Do you get paid Holidays off?

Vacation time?
Sick days?

If you said yes to any one of these questions and proclaim to hate unions, you can take a giant suck out of my ass.
Ever heard of Prevailing Wage jobs?
That would be because of the Davis Bacon Act.


The Davis–Bacon Act of 1931 is a United States federal law which established the requirement for paying prevailing wages on public works projects. All federal government construction contracts, and most contracts for federally assisted construction over $2,000, must include provisions for paying workers on-site no less than the locally prevailing wages and benefits paid on similar projects.
The act is named after its sponsors, James J. Davis, a Senator from Pennsylvania and a former Secretary of Labor under three presidents, and Representative Robert L. Bacon of Long Island, New York. The Davis-Bacon act was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Herbert Hoover on March 3, 1931.[1]

Google it.

This Bullshit in Wisconsin is nothing more than Class warfare and they want you working peons to bend your knees and take whatever they want to give you for wages and give up all the benefits that our Forefathers fought and bled for, trying to make a fucking living in shit hole factories.

I have lived in a Union Household my entire life. I have walked picket lines in freezing rain and stopped to give a box of donuts to strikers doing the same damn thing.

If you think unions are bad for this country then I would ask you to go to work for minimum wage, with no benefits and kiss my motherfucking ass.

You have absolutely no fucking idea what Union people have fought and died for so you can have a three day weekend called Labor Day.

Choke on a hot dog you ignorant fuck.

For you of the Tea Bagger  persuasion, notice this crowd is in Wisconsin and it is really cold there this time of year. Notice also, some folks from New Jersey decided to stop by and offer their support.

By the way, that 365 billion dollar shortfall he keeps crying about is actually 165 million and if he wasn't such a fucking Republican cunt, he could raise the taxes by  0.05 % and have a surplus.

Class warfare babies.
This is what you get when you vote for any God Damn Republican these days. If you haven't been paying attention, they have already won the Class war and you are now collateral damage.


  1. Nobody knows union history. The schools don't teach it,and the powers that be don't want kids to learn it.

    Did my time in the trenches.

  2. Child Labor Laws, 8 hour days, Weekends off, Holidays off, Equal Opportunity, Safe Work Place, etc. all come from Union Negotiations

  3. Damn, now that I think about it, they did go too far, it's illegal to pat that little cutie in the office on the ass now.


  4. aint a problem if it is consentual dood

    ps -- love that the text that i have to type to prove that i'm a real person and not a bot spammer is.... are ya ready for it....


  5. sth_txs4:08 AM

    I'm not too sympathetic to their plight. The state is bankrupt. Where will the money come from?

    If the state is abusing these people, then how can the state be the protector of the rest of us?

  6. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Lay off the booze.Silly Bastard. You forgot about the Republicans winning didn't you? The times are a changing.Democrats are going to get a rude awakeing in 2012.

    I can hardly wait until 2012,President Palin will know how to deal with spoiled teachers, she'll fire them just like good old Ronald Reagan fired the air traffic controllers back in the day.

    Working class Americans are fed up with lazy entitlement types,got a job yet? 51years old and ready to retire, you haven't worked enough yet to retire.Typical baby boomer.

  7. "`I can hardly wait until 2012,President Palin will know how to deal with spoiled teachers, she'll fire them just like good old Ronald Reagan fired the air traffic controllers back in the day."

    And your kids will be dumber than you are, God forbid.

  8. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Mmmmmm, unions. 8 hour work days, child labor laws, weekends off, etc.

    Let's not forget paid admin leave for 10 years while the investigation drags on for that ass clown teacher who molested a student in NYC.

    Where do I sign up?

  9. I have no idea where Hastert or Foley are right this minute. If you can find me, you have the Google and you can use that to find the local branch of the RNC.

    Thanks fer stopping by.

  10. Anonymous8:18 AM

    A most excellent example of "How to get a repug's shorts in a twist:"
    Tell the truth.

    Damn fine post, Busted!

  11. I am also a life long union member. Got a forced medical retirement back in 98 when I was only 48 years old.
    Yep, due to on the job injury. If not for union then I would be on the street. But got retirement from civil service for 28.5 years(post office)
    And my old man was one of those union men on the battle of the overpass in Detroit. He was very young, in his very first job. But he was a strong union man his entire life.(UAW against strike breakers back in the day)

  12. Anonymous8:39 AM

    not to sound anti union,which I'm not.. The REAL unions had a time and place,years ago,for safety and working conditions,hours,so on. I worked at general motors for 6 years as a contractor,so I heard lots of whining! These guys were getting stock options, 5 weeks vacation, sick days, free insurance for the entire family.... So when GM has hard times,will they cut back a little bit? Can't fire them, lay them off.... Seems some of the unions put themselves out of work. Look at japan!

  13. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Two words Gov. Walker needs to say just as Lord Obammy said when he shoved his agenda down our throats: "I won."

    Ps. Mr. Bustednickels, did you mean the local branch of NAMBLA?

  14. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Messrs. Busted Nickels and Jeg43- nice try. Registered independent. The saying actually goes like this: "if ya want to anger a conservative, lie to him; if ya want to anger a liberal, tell him the truth." Ie. 1-There is no mo' money, 2-Your side lost big time in the last election. "Repugs" will too in '12 if they don't slash Big gov. 3- Citizens are not going to work as Walmart greeters at age 80 to put food on the table so public sector union thugs can retire at 50.

    Oh yea Mr. Nickels, you must have received a stellar education from these union teachers. Newsflash: Mr. Foley was a Democrat while in congress. Since you're fond of Google , search "how Obama got elected" on Youtube and see some like-minded folks' knowledge of our political "leaders."

  15. I belonged to the Western States Service Station Employees (WSSSE) union when I worked in a Standard Station about 40+ years ago. It was a company union and was owned by Standard Oil, but we did make about a dollar an hour more than the independent Chevron Station employees did. There weren't any health benefits in those days that I can remember.

    I also worked at a Standard Oil refinery and for General Telephone back in those days. I didn't join the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers (OCAW) for the one or the Communications Workers of America (CWA) for the other, but now I wish I had.

    My late father-in-law and brother-in-law were IBEW and Plumbers & Pipefitters union men, respectively, all their working lives. Ralph wired offshore oil rigs and Don built the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant and got on TV standing up for workers' rights at the front gate over who could use the bathrooms.

    They both had very good lives because of their unions. The right wing wants third-world workers that will take a pittance and STFU.

  16. Anonymous2:43 PM

    For the union haters. Are you even aware of what these people are actually protesting about. Your so wound up against unions that your actually missing the point about a persons right to stand up and protest. Dumb motherfuckers. I'll make this simple you turd farmers. The union has agreed to everything the asshat in charge wants with exception to the language of collective bargaining. The right to bargain with your employer is the most integral part of the employee/employer relationship. Otherwise your employer in your chosen utopia can tell you to bend over that desk and he/she is going to fuck you right up the ass and there is not a damn thing you can do about it except quit and let your family starve. So bend over and stop squirming. Ignorant fucks.


  17. This is all getting about Repugs elected. Unions give money in support of Democrats. No unions, less money to Dems, more Repugs in power until they own the U.S., one state at a time.

  18. Anonymous4:03 PM

    unions were good in their beginning. yes they bled and forced large industries to provide decent conditions and retirement. union workers are still good people who want honest wages for honest work.UNION MANAGEMENT ARE A BUNCH OF A$$HOLES. UNION MANAGEMENT DOESN'T CARE IF THE COMPANY MAKES A PROFIT OR NOT. THEY STILL WANT THEIR RAISE. WELL GUESS WHAT THE RAISE IS A LOST JOB BECAUSE WE SHUT THE DOOR!!!BANKRUPT YOU HAPPY NOW MR UNION MANAGEMENT YOUR FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND BUISSNESS NEEDS JUST COST ME AND 20 UNION MEMBERS THEIR LIVELY HOOD!! fock union management and you dumb asses who trust'em.

  19. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Wow. Sorry bro can't let that one go and yell like that. Got to egimicate me one if only I can. First, Union management. Seriously, these are people within the same union that have worked the same job that get elected by there brothers to represent the union itself. Most union management listen to there own through representation within there own shop. My father was a union rep. and also a union arbitrator who first started working as a heavy equipment operator. I know for a fact that you are wrong. All union workers want there companies to be successful and to prosper. Where they feel betrayed is when profits go up and they are the engine that drives the car they would like to share in that profit. Instead the greedy bastards at top want it all. Another thing. It's not about the workers it's about greed and the fact that in todays economic climate and current trade practices that regardless of union or non-union we americans cannot compete with 2 dollar a day workers overseas.


  20. I'm sort of opposite of Busted here. My father and mother worked in non union businesses until my dad opened his own business when I was 12. I started working there weekends and summers and all I knew about unions was the crap I read in Forbes and WSJ and the local paper. Union workers were over paid. They got much better benefits. They got a lot better deal than non union shops. And you know what? They did. But not because they didn't deserve these things but because they fought for them. You don't have that? Form or join a fucking union and get them. Why the hell do you have to pull people down to your crappy level? Why can't you get better for yourselves? Why do the rich get so fucking much richer at your expense? There is more than enough to go around and the rich will still have more than they ever need, but you won't be stuck being pissed that someone got enough while you suck hind tit.
    My whole point is that the only fucking way to get your piece of the pie is to make the rich cocksuckers pay for it and the only way that happens is for people to organize. That's called a union. And yes I think for a few years, a number of years ago, unions had started to outgrow most of their usefulness. But not any more. We need them. If you are convinced that you will do better without unions I feel sorrow that you are that stupid. You deserve what you get. I don't deserve that little and most people don't either.
    And BTW the state of WI is not bankrupt. And you didn't win by a landslide. You squeaked by. And your idiot guy didn't run on a program of ending unions. And he is bankrolled by 2 of the richest, greediest, assholes around. Who wants all your money and don't give two shits about you.

  21. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Hmmm. Isn't the Missouri state legislature considering a bill to repeal/override/ignore child labor laws? Maybe they can get far enough BACK in time that six year old children can be apprenticed out? That would certainly teach a solid work ethic to the parasitic, lazy juveniles!

    Is it something in our national water supply that makes so many of our citizens vicious and stupid?

    Old and tired in Carolina

  22. chkarrer@aman'thul11:58 PM

    Wisconson's budget crisis was caused by the governor's tax cuts for businesses; further, when the unions offered to take the pay cuts he claimed he needed if they could keep collective bargaining, he refused. This is ALL about dismantling the last viable unions so as to cut off the last major source of Democratic funding,just as the corrupt Supreme Court decision allows infinite corporate spending on behalf of their kept politicians.

    This is the second American Civil War in progress; if we, the people lose, this country will slide into third-world status within a generation or two.

  23. Hmmm, some people are actually getting it.

  24. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Disagree Busted.

    Appears folks here on the blog don't know the diff between public sector and private sector unions.

    Words of wisdom from FDR (patron saint of the Left): "All government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service."

    Example? We'd be in a world of doo doo if PFC Snuffy abandoned his machine gun position to walk the picket line.

  25. So now public service workers in WI have machine guns to man?
    Don't be an ass.

  26. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Uhhhh, you missed the point numbnuts; take some viagra to raise your ruckus.

    If public servants (ie. the military) used the same arguments as the other Wisconsin greedy union public servants (ie. police, fire, teachers) are using, then we'd be screwed.

    Wake the F... up and smell the coffee. There's no more friggin money pinhead. John Q. Public isn't a rich corporate bitch that can be tapped at will anymore. The middle class (who pays the taxes) isn't going to work until age 70 so these guys can retire at 50.

  27. Hey dumbass you made the comment, live with your bullshit.
    There is money. There is lots of money. There is so much fucking money it's should be a crime for people who can't count to even talk about it. And if you paid any attention at fucking all you'd know that the unions gave in to all the money demands in WI. ALL of them. Every last fucking one of asshole walker's demands for THEIR money. Money the state had agreed to pay. This is not about money. It is about not being a corporate shill. It's about getting your head out of your ass turning off Fox and start paying fucking attention. Because after they get the public unions they will get the private unions. And after that they will own you. So unless you are one of the rich fucks who is trying to rob everyone else of a reasonable living, grow up, smarten up and learn what's really going on.
    You want to retire at 50? Then get a job at 20 that gives you benefits, work your 30 and retire. Or join the military and work for 30 and retire. Who's stopping you from having that? And BTW those union members who work their 25-30 years and retire? They pay fucking taxes just like the rest of us non rich bastards. You want the money? Get taxes back to what they were 30-40 years ago. Let those rich fucks pay their share and you'll be able to retire when ever the fuck you want. Why do you want every one to be on the bottom with you? Wouldn't you rather be better paid and have better benefits and retirement? I sure the fuck would.

  28. I want to know how you can equate the military with any fucking union in the first place.

    What the fuck?

    Dude, go back to the post, click on the very first fucking link about collective bargaining and actually read the fucking thing.
    Educate yourself and then come back and spew bullshit.