Friday, February 25, 2011

Colder Than A Well Diggers Ass At Midnight

I had to laugh, I was worried about the snow here at Nasty Girls place, I think we had an inch and a half,

Back home got slammed with six inches.

It is supposed to get down to four to nine fucking degrees here tomorrow though, nothing to look forward too.
Lucky me, She has hot flashes all the time, bet your ass where I am going to be, snuggled right up next to her.


  1. Better hope she's one hot momma, if the grid goes down. Gonna get mighty cold up north, with no easy way ta get fuel for heat.

    Down here, no need for heat. Just the opposite, all these city pussies will die of heat stroke during the summer. I train out in the jungle by camping out for two months every year during archery season ! Learn to survive the heat and to feed myself, without a bit of noise ! Very valuable assets once SHTF. Guns for defense only.

  2. Got to admire a man who knows enough not to rely entirely on mechanical solutions!!!! Stay warm.

  3. Anonymous10:32 AM

    It was 20 here this morning with the bright sunlight. Perfect snuggling weather! And today is my 34th wedding anniversary, soooooo....

  4. We've had a foot and a half of snow since last night, no sign of letting up, in addition to the six feet we had last week which has settled to about three feet. My new Honda is well broken-in and I'm fixin' to go do a little mid-storm snow clearance.

    My favorite snowfalls are the first one of the season and the last one. I'm ready for the second one.

    My wife sent me out for some hot flash medicine once. I got to the store and asked the clerk for it and he led me to a shelf and there it was - "HOT FLASH MEDICINE" in big letters on a bottle of pills. Heh.

  5. We had about two inches night before last, mostly gone by noon. Some flakes last night, but not enough to accumulate- though it was PLENTY cold enough. They're predicting 13 for tonight; experience sez it probably won't get that cold, but plenty cold enough for this western Oregonian.

    BTW, I know a couple of undergrads in Fisheries... planning to ask them about new cubicles in Nash.

  6. Oh, they will remember me, I have no doubt.

    I was the skinny old guy .

    We weren't quite done when I left, still had to do clean up and were waiting on some panels and such.

    I hope they like it.

  7. Warm, wet, wild . . . ya just can't go wrong with that combination.

    All y'all be warm, dry and safe ya heah?!?!?!?