Saturday, February 05, 2011

I Am Remiss In My Duties

It is Blogroll Amnesty Weekend.
God rest his soul, Al had a wicked sense of humor and was a decent human being.
We can all thank our lucky stars him and Skippy hooked up.

This is the deal,
If youwant to be added to my Blogroll, just ask.Absolutely, DO NOT say that no one has less traffic than you.
I have had so many damn spammers asking in the last couple months, this is your chance.

For the rest of us, who have been so blessed, just link to five other blogs who don't have as many hits as you do,.

OK, down to the business,
This is actually harder than you think.
There are some damn nice folks out there.

Hey, I keep hearing that Bloggers are soooo past their expiration dates.

My word to you?
Fuck off.
There are a lot of neat people out there and I spend most of my time online surfing around and finding them.

I used to spend a  great deal of my time screaming into the void about the (insert profane words here) about our political environment.

Not this time.

Like them or not, here are my picks for this year.

Sci Fi Chick is a down home gal trying her best to get by and I can tell ya, I likes her.
Smooch girl.

Treesong is another sweetheart.
Normally she stays away from politics but this nice lady has been through more hard times in the last year than you can shake a stick at. Go back and read all the crap she has been through and thank your lucky stars she doesn't live next to ya.
She will put ya straight.
 Smooch to you honey.

OK, you want to meet a nice guy?

The Hermit is a sweet heart, I can't believe he doesn't have some wimmins beating his door down.

Patrice, on the other hand, is a hoot.
I might be a left wing zealot but I have an open mind and this lady just kicks my ass.

Good on ya sweetie.

I swear, this lady kicks my ass when it comes to traffic. but if you want to read some good writing, she is off the charts and I know damn good and well you who come here have never heard of her.

Seriously,Brigid  writes things that will yank your heart.

Bonus round, she has some killer recipes too.

Don't be hating on me for linking to you.

Lastly but not leastly, I get the biggest kick out of this retired gentleman who is living in a trailer and moving around when the weather gets too crappy.

Old fat Man Adventures, he just has toooooo much fun.

There are hundreds of blogs that I try to get around to reading when I can,  Blue Gal is all over what the hell is going on.

Jill,  My pals Fixer and Gordon, Fearguth, soo many more I read every day, who could forget Earth Bound Misfit and my buddy One Fly.

Let me not forget a couple of others, my pal Physioprof and my day would not be complete without a trip to see Driftglass.

Hey, we are all in this together and I could be here all night linking to folks I read.
The deal is, link to folks that have interesting things to say that no one knows are out there.

There are millions of us out there.

One last thing, Thank You Skippy, you are the man.


  1. Ornery,

    You are the sweetest! Plain spoken, colorful, humorous and a cat lover to boot! Yes, you are a cat lover, despite anything you say 'bout them - they put up with you, ya know!.


  2. thanks for participating, ornery!

  3. Hey, you upset my sister a lot with that stunt you put on my FB page. I had to set her straight. :-D

    Thanks for the linky-lou.

  4. Well thank you. . . I am honored.


  5. Oh hell yes he was a good man and we miss him dearly as he linked to us small fry well and often in his writing too. ;(

  6. Thanks for the linke, my brother!

  7. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Thanks for the links.

  8. Busted, you absolutely made my week! Thanks so much for the nod. It means alot to me coming from you.
    Oh and I agree with Treesong, Cats know "things"