Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Neocons Pushing Liz Cheney Have Gone All In.

Is it just me, or am I seeing Liz Cheney all over the place trying to keep her fucking Daddy out of jail?

This lady is being crammed down our throats lately as some kind of foreign policy expert and I will be damned if I can remember her expertize being trumpeted about for the last five or six years.
The only thing I actually remember hearing about her was her sexuality being trotted about and I am here to tell ya, I could give a fuck about that, except that I think that shit should be off limits to begin with and that is just one more reason I unplugged my fucking television.

Big fucking deal.
It seems some asshole thinks it is a good idea to keep throwing her up on the Tee Vee , like she is some kind of expert on anything.

Note to asshole, you are setting this lady up for failure and even she doesn't see it.
Dick Cheney is only walking around because the cover yer ass culture in our government is rampant, because they all know they are spitting in the face of our Constitution, I see legal decisions damn near every day that tells me the courts have been bought off and kiss my fucking ass that they damn well know they are subverting every one of our supposedly guaranteed rights.
The motherfuckers have to go back and forth between judicial districts and venues arguing amongst themselves to do it but they take our rights away every. fucking. day.

Now we see little Miss Torture Lady being thrust upon the daily discourse and I can only ask one fucking question.

Who the fuck are you?

Kiss my fucking ass.

You are setting yourself up to be a Co Defendant to the illegal interrogation and torture that your father went out of his way to get approval for, and sometimes?

It ain't cool to be a Daddies Girl.

The continued full court press trying to excuse the abuses that are very heavily documented is Bullshit.
Obama has seen the evidence and pussed out.
Ya know damn well some seriously nasty shit happened under the Bush administration, apparently it was so fucking bad, Obama is scared that releasing the pictures that document these atrocities would jeopardize National Security, just like all the illegal fucking wire taps that BushCo authorized, the illegal renditions and his mothers fruit cake recipe.

Somehow, these elected, and paid for officials seem to think there isn't a buttload of people who are not going to forget this shit!

Gimme a break!

Our government authorized rape, sleep deprivation, waterboarding, physical torture by dousing people with freezing water,using attack dogs to intimidate prisoners, electro shock therapy and who knows what the fuck kind of medieval shit to try and justify a trumped up war on some goat fuckers half way around the world that wouldn't know what a fucking Cheese burger was if ya slapped 'em in the face with one.
Now then, we are at war with these goat fuckers.

No, Liz Cheney should get off the national stage, a very vocal group of NeoCons and so called conservatives should really just go home and shut the fuck up, because they are seriously doing their very best to accelerate the absolute destruction of the political party they claim to love and try to cram down my fucking throat every time I happen to take a look at current events. Other that my cats shitting in my garden, I think the current "news" delivery system is the most obnoxious thing I get to deal with on a daily basis and I am thinking that the solution to both problems are very similar,one of those Super Soaker's might just be the best possible training devices available.

I continue to enjoy the self induced destruction of the Republican party as only one who is familiar with the process can,
every fucking day.

Newt Gingrich is going to finish these people off in record time and Cheney is still only walking around talking because there are a bunch of fucking pussies in charge of looking after shit like lying to Congress, Throwing a CIA Agent to the wolves and generally being a treasonous motherfucker.

Ya might not agree with my view, that is your option but I am here to tell ya, the evidence is there for all to see, pay a bit of attention, will ya?

Speaking of paying attention, apparently I have Liz mixed up with her sister Mary when it comes to the being gay part.
Like I said though, I could really give a shit.

H/T Suzanne fer straightening me out on that.


  1. busted, her sister mary is gay - liz is the straight spawner of the cheney coven

  2. Rachel Maddow opined the other night that we may very well see a JEB Bush/LIZ Cheney ticket in 2012. What worries me is that if the economy isn't significantly better, Americans are just stupid enough to elect them.

  3. Pretty fine low-key rant. I'm so sick of cheney-said I've offed all TV news.
    P.S. damn fine red beans and rice recipe at:

  4. jeg43,
    I saw that.
    Going to print it out today if I have time.

  5. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I saw on a new's post that Darth Cheney came out and approved gay marriage.I crawled under my bed waiting for Newt and Rush's head's to explode!

  6. Tell us how you really feel, Busted.

    I think they are all gay in that family.

    About war and destruction.

    Thanks for all you do to get the word out.


  7. Busted I am so with you on this one! Liz needs to shut the fuck up I am so sick of her fuckin lying face on TV every day! But ya know what, the people in this country are much much wiser than they were just 8 short years ago. The more the wingtards talk the bigger the hole is dug, so let 'em talk their fuckin faces off!!! I'll just turn the channel!

  8. Dick, Wifey, Daughter Lizzie are all fucked up and there's nothing we can do to save them much less save them from ourselves.

    They have to be left to self destruct.

    And they will, that's the only thing keeping me alive, I want to see these people die before I do.

    The list is long, too. I need to live to 90+ to fill out the list, I think . . . I'm 56. *G*

    Fuck the fucking fucks, fuck them all.


  9. Anonymous4:59 PM

    "Obama has seen the evidence and pussed out."

    All due respect, OB, but Barry is a poker player, and a good one at that. Patience.