Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grab A Cold One, Sit Down And Relax Fer A Minute

The world will still be there when we are done here but fer Chrissakes everyone could use a break today.
I have been on a Gov't Mule kick lately but that's because it is good stuff.
I freakin' love it.

Kick yer feet up, suck that beer down and enjoy,

Wasn't that fun?
Now, have some Thorazine Shuffle.

If ya want a REAL treat, yer gonna have to go see my friend Suzanne at Two Ton Green Blog.

I sent her a freaking doozy and she put it up over there.

Go say hi and enjoy another great tune.

Have a good week y'all.


  1. Got the cold one... gonna settle and do music m'self tonight for blog-- did nothing last nite because I was watching my son's band play here in town. So... seems music be the course for the weekend...
    As it should be...

  2. dood, g'mule fucking rocks hard - and we are gonna go see them next time they are around here.

    thanks for the traffic - none of them left a comment tho. guess i didn't say fuck enough (lmao)

  3. Suck on this real music with real people playing real instruments . . .

    Just sayin. *G*

  4. God bless ya larue.
    Ya seem to have come to the conclusion that don't appreciate certain kinds of music.
    You would be right.
    I have no use for most of gthe POP country I have to listen to at work, I ain't got much use fer Classical music, Rap ain't music and Hip Hop can kiss my ass.
    On the other hand, This shit rocks, this John Duffy picks a mean Mandolin.
    1979, I graduated a year late from High School.

    I like Blue Grass, I love Zydeco , some country is OK, just because I prefer the Blues and Metal does not preclude me from enjoying different types of music.

    Thanks for the opportunity to hear some great picking.

    Ya don't think I listen when ya post stuff?

    Shame on ya.

    I get a kick out of listening to your suggestions.

    Thanks fer stopping by my friend.