Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Am Sore Today

What did I expect?
Forty five minutes of a guy digging in your neck tends to smart the next day.

My fucking neck is as stiff as a preachers prick in a calf's ass.

Sore as hell, I staid home today.
I have the A/C on, a nice cold beer, a pack of smokes and I threw those two pesky fucking cats outside.

It is a gorgeous day today, perfect.

I tried taking a nap but got woke up by the phone, my Ex giving me the update on my youngest daughter.
Yep, broken kneecap.

I think I will quit my whining and suffer in silence.

It could be a lot worse.

After I kill off two or three more beers, I think I will go play in the garden for a bit.
It's too hot to try and take a nap, I waited too long to turn on the A/C.

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