Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All The Financial NewsThat Ain't Fit To Print

Are you watching television?
Listening to the news on the way home in the car?
Do ya actually read a Dead tree Newspaper?

Shame on ya.
You are listening to Bullshit propaganda.

Get yer butts home and log on and find some serious interpretations of what the Government ain't telling ya.

Start here.
Some serious snark to prove his points.

Then go here.
Ilargi takes into account this is a world wide disaster and has some of the best analysis on the net, for the world wide disaster, pay attention.

Now go here. George Ure scares me.

Whatever ya do, don't listen to Jim Cramer. That guy is a fucking shill and got busted red handed on national television telling folks to by Bear Stearns a week before it went tits up.
I actually saw that because I was at my parents, instead of at home with my cute little unplugged television set.

Me? I don't have any investments unless ya count the empty beer cans in the bucket outside.

I do, however, tend to watch and see what people a lot smarter than I am have to say.

Cramer excluded.

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