Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Condolences To A Father I Will Never Meet.

This hurt me. It is beyond my comprehension that someone would shoot and kill an innocent young girl standing on the street, apparently because .... what?

This has been bothering me all fucking day, even as my own babies either called or showed up to wish me a Happy Fathers day.

What a useless fucking organism.

A beautiful young lady standing next to her father on the street and some jackal put her in his sights and pulled the fucking trigger.
The video is at the bottom of the link, do yerself a favor and don't watch it, a senseless death of an innocent young lady.
It will haunt me forever, seeing the look in her eyes.

You fucking bastard.

I hope they find this cocksucker and then go get some piano wire, haul him up with it around the balls he doesn't need and leave him there until they rot off.
Death by a thousand cuts would be too easy.

What was that little girl doing that caught your eye motherfucker?
You just killed a baby girl who was standing on the fucking street.
I can't really express my outrage and sorrow.

One Happy Fathers day to that guy, eh?

Die slow and scream until you can't breathe anymore.

If there is a God, you will not just rot in Hell, you will be cleaning the toilets, with your mouth.

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  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    a 16 year old philosophy major. standing with her father on the sidelines, just watching. heartbreaking. Keep up the righteous anger, Busted. Bless you.

    Kathryn in MA