Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Tunez Fer Me

Some times ya have to say Fuckitall and have a little down time fer the soul.

This is good stuff and I love a good slide guitar.
Gov't Mule is the shit.

If ya didn't enjoy that, there is sumthin' wrong with ya.


  1. Since I started festivating in '01, I've seen Sonny Landreth 3 times. Once at a KPIG Swine Soiree in Watsonville,CA, and twice at a GREAT fest outside Yosemite, The Strawberry Music Fest.

    Sonny L is a hoss. Pure, neat, clean and simple. An icon. A legend. And he gets NO radio play.

    But then, Government Mule gets no Clear Channel play, either . . . only on the community radio stations and college stations, and on the internet streams.

    Nice pick, hoss . . . don't EVER miss a chance to see Sonny L . . . *G*

  2. Thanks, Busted.

    That's a nice change of pace from all that's goin' on in the world.

    Nice little escape....even if it is a short one.

  3. busted g'mule comes within 200 miles of us - we are going. no ifs, no ands no buts.

    thanks for the ear candy (and the beautifully broken i put up at my place with a h/t to you)

  4. Mellow, bad-ass stuff! Thanks for thinkin' of us. Did you get your Fix Or Repair Daily on the road and get yer ass up to Stevenson for that blues and brew gig?