Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Neighbors Cat

This is my neighbors cat, I get the biggest kick out of this little joker.
They think he got hit by a car when he was little and it messed up his equilibrium.
The poor little guy has absolutely no sense of balance , which results in some pretty hilarious moments.

He is the friendliest little bugger and has absolutely no fear. I sure do get a kick out of his attitude. He even comes over and manages to crawl up the steps and comes inside to visit, one time he did that while I was out in the garden and I woke up at 5 O'clock in the morning to tremendous crash because his owner was frantically calling him and the little dude had crawled up on a pile of crap on the couch and spent the night without me knowing it!

By the way, that chicken shit cat he chased off laying there in the driveway?
Yeah, that would be mine, worthless little bag of bones, Baby.

You will have to forgive me if the formatting is messed up here, I am still trying to figure out this video upload thingy.


  1. Hubby and me once had a beautiful Maine Coon kitty (now in Kitty Kat Heaven) who was so unafraid of anything or anyone that he once jumped on the backs of TWO pit bulls who ventured into our yard. The dogs ran off yelping and our cat (in full standing-up-fur regalia) stood proudly looking up at my husband. He sure showed those two wimpy pit bulls who owned the property!

    BTW, love the two videos!

  2. Awwwwwww c'mon Busted, we know you been feedin' that cat beer! Ha ha! BTW, nice "grungy fingernails", look just like mine. Betcha clean 'em out with a pocket knife too! That's what pocket knives was made fer, wern't it?

    Chug a lug, chug a lug brotha! "Makes me wanna holler hidey ho!"

  3. I'm always up for some personal home video - you betcha and I liked these!! Funny.

    What I have found out about video's Busted and everyone else too.

    When I was using "Blogger" it can take a long time and sometimes does not work if the video file is large.

    By using WMM (Window Movie Maker) the size of the original file is reduced by 90% with no loss in quality and the original can be deleted saving space on the 'ol hard drive.

    If by chance WMM does not accept your video file change the last part .whateveritmaybe to .avi and then it should.

    I now upload to You Tube because there are advantages as to quality and embedding. It's another step after WMM but doesn't take that much longer.

    I want more.

  4. Great little cat, unaware that it walks like a drunk. Like the three-legged dog my friend used to have, couldn't remember what the 4th leg did, got around well enough, companionable animal.

  5. Mayberry,
    yer damn right I clean my finger nails with with my pocket knife.

    The only time they get clean is when I have to break down and do the dishes.

    Right now they is beautiful

    I hate doing dishes

  6. Hey Busted!

    Loved the vids. They played just fine.

    And, loved the kitty. That cat has got all the "cat moves" down, even if a bit unusual in execution. That wiggle wiggle of the hind quarters before the "pounce" in first part was hilarious.


  7. Funny! These are great videos!

  8. Hey Busted-

    I watched the vids again several times, from the view of a neurobiologist, trying to figure out what was up with the cat! Fascinating!

    Okay, fwiw (you're my pal so I hope it's okay to bore you) but my guess is that kitty had some kind of very minimal brain injury in the part of the brain that gets info about muscle movement from muscle sensors of muscle length or muscle tension- very important when making slow movements like walking.

    Ever had the experience of standing up -but then you discover your leg's been asleep- and then... ?

    But, the deal is that the kitty moves much better when s/he is turfing off Baby- yeah, gotta have muscle feedback for that too, and that doesn't seem to be suffering so much. So, very selective brain injury that has only stopped certain kinds of feedback.

    Totally fascinating.

    In short, nothing dumb about this cat. It's not stupid (well, no more than cats are), just imho has a very specific brain injury that doesn't give s/he the right info when moving slowly.

    You asked, didn't you? ;)

  9. Smooches, nice to see ya dear..
    I am thinking inner ear, where the sense of balance comes from.
    If you notice, even hauling ass at full blast, the little joker is all over the place.

    He's a good kitty but I could not help myself and put the little joker on the net.