Monday, June 22, 2009

Get Ya Some Of This!

They had a sale a while back at the local Bi Mart on Zatarains Red Beans and Rice.
This stuff is great!

It costs about as much as Rice A Roni but this stuff blows that out of the water!

It is a great food storage item, it comes in a little box with a bag in it but this stuff packs a punch!

All ya need is a decent sized sauce pan, it makes more than you think, water, heat and some kind of oil.
It says you can use margarine, Olive oil or something like that. Two table spoons and that's it.
Being the Ornery Bastard I am, I use bacon grease.

Lots of protein, it does have dehydrated red beans in it, it is Cajun as all get out, no dull food here and you can turn it into a main course by adding cooked hamburger .
If ya really want to see this stuff disappear before your very eyes, find some honest to goodness Andouille sausage and slice it thin, YUM!!

Then make someone else do the dishes.

I am seriously going to try and find a whole case of this stuff.

Regular beans can take two days to prepare, this stuff is a done deal in under an hour.

Bonus round,

I see Mayberry has thrown up a new shingle so he can rant away in peace.

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Bring a pencil and paper Mayberry, school is in session.

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  1. School? Please.... I WAS a sailor! USS Stout (DDG-55). ; )

    Thanks fer the linkage! And if they would only put Popeye's red beans 'n' rice in a box... I loooove that stuff! Zatarain's is good, but nuthin' beats home made...